The End

She'd watched everything and everyone in her life die. It was over seventy years ago that the monsters had taken her life from her, leaving her soulless and unageing. Still her family stuck by her, even her husband stayed despite the fact that their dreams of children and the white picket fence were gone.

Through the years they endured as all those she knew and loved, aged around her while she stayed the same. She'd held the hands of her grandparents, then her parents as they left her behind, but such was the way of the world. Her two sisters were next and she sat beside them, hand in hand, at the end.

But it was the last loss that did her in.

Her husband was dieing. He'd held on for so long but at ninety-three he was losing his grip on life. They agreed long ago that she would not condemn him to a soulless eternity but it had broken something inside them both.

She lay in bed, holding him to her chest. His soft white hair tickled her nose as she breathed him in. Underneath the scent of old age and the coming death she could still smell him. Like a sweet spice.

His once strong body now lay broken and frail beneath her hands. How she wanted him to look at her with clarity again, but his lids were closed over now cloudy eyes.

It was hard for him to breathe; each breath was filled with pain.

She remembered the last conversation they had before the sickness took him beyond her. He'd told her that the only thing he regretted was that he wouldn't be with her for eternity, but he was far too old now, who would want to live forever at ninety-three? He'd told her he would always love her and watch over her.

Bloody tears fell down her face landing in his hair as she pet the side of his face over and over again.

They had seen the world together, loved like no other and now it was to end. She held him closer as his breathing became agonized and erratic. No matter how much she begged god to spare him but a little longer it seemed that it was time for her love to go.

He was all she had left in the world. Running her hands through his hair she shushed him gently as he moaned in pain.

She could feel his life fading so she began to sing a lullaby for him. As she finished the song he took his last breath and stilled. Anguish tore a scream from her as she felt his soul leave.

It was many minutes later that she stopped gently rocking him back and fourth, laying a final kiss on his forehead.

She picked him up and carried him from their bed for the last time. She walked them out to the deck sitting down on the floor with him she watched the sky turn from black to purple, then dark blues. She waited for the first sunrise she'd seen in seventy years; it would also be her last.

It hurt, at first, but then the pain faded away as the flames ate her body, consuming them in fire. The fire spread to the deck then the house, the sky glowed red. Her long life flashed before her eyes, she had no regrets.

Then there was nothing, nothing but the beauty of the sun.

This Is The Enforcer Speaking,

I know this was very short but it was an idea I had that just begged to be written down. R&R please.