Chapter 1

I have a little problem. I am a shy girl, but I have strange infatuations with arrogant boys. You would think I would hate them, and let me tell you, I wish I did. I can't seem to though. Not that they would ever notice me, but just the way they carry themselves, it oozes such confidence.

Maybe I like them because they are the total opposite of me.

"Leah!" I snap out of my internal ramblings and see my best friend, Olivia, also the only other person on Earth who knows of my love for arrogant guys.


"The bell for lunch rung like, five minutes ago." I look around my chemistry classroom and notice that we are the only ones left.

I tuck a strand of my brown-red hair behind my ear, and exit the room to go to my locker.

Olivia and I meet at the entrance to the lunch room.

"So any new crushes?" She asks.

"No, it is only the second day of school." I answer back.

"True." We go to sit buy the table we have sat in since freshman year. Two girls and one guy are already present. Kaile, a guy with spiky died-green hair, Marsha, a girl with blonde hair, and Natasha, a girl with caramel colored skin and beautiful almond colored eyes. These are my 'lunch buds.' We have formed a pretty quick friendship and talk about random things.

My eyes scan the lunch room. I see Hal, my crush of freshman year, and then I see Chris, my crush of last year, junior year. I glance to the seat next to him and my heart almost stops. There's a guy with short blond hair and amazing dark eyes. He's sitting next to some cheerleader in all of his arrogant glory. I sigh. I think I'm in love.

Olivia swipes a napkin at my chin. "Some of your lunch fell out of your mouth." She follows my line of sight.

"Oh," She says knowingly, "That's Chad Barker, you like him, huh?"

I just nod my head dreamily. When the bell rings, Olivia has to literally escort me out of the cafeteria. I get the books I need for my locker. And, lucky me, there's a fight right by it.

I make my way to it anyway.

One guy with spiky brown hair pushed this other guy against a locker a few down from mine. The red-head backs up toward me. The spiky haired guy takes hold of his shoulders and is preparing the punch...

It happened in slow motion. I was standing there like an idiot, just watching the fight, and then the red-head ducks, and guess who is behind him?

Me! And the punch lands on my face. I crumple to the ground.

Ouch. That's gonna leave a bruise...


This idea just popped into my head...tell me how you like it.

And yes, I am still going to continue with It's Just Mia.