i was looking for support

emptiness mocks me in your presence
- i was looking for support -
not another backhanded compliment or
flat out (un)constructive criticism.

science says that tension pulls people apart
and i think that tension is the force between us.
compression is long past gone.

no longer am i drawn to you;
of course you know how the saying goes:
misery loves company
(but how many times do i have to tell you.)
company doesn't love misery.

it's not your depression that bothers me;
i wish(ed) i could help you out
(but gravity only pushes me down.)

i don't think i can take the pessimism anymore
or the threats or the stress.

i can't be controlled by you any longer.

alluring in the beginning but now i couldn't be
more pleased to watch you leave.

…does everything have to end like this?