drawing the line

our world's leaders need some direction
and our calendar makers need to catch some more sleep.

"okay, class, now take a wild guess:
what are we going to do today?"


(third graders, of course, are very enthusiastic)

blah! blah! blah! day probably makes a lot more sense
to them then take a wild guess day.

(shocking, huh? that's a real holiday, too.)

national "national awareness months" awareness month, though
is probably more effective than either of those days.

it'll show to our students how very stupid the things we celebrate
really are.

(and my english teacher thought that making a big deal
over potty training was bad…)

she mustn't have been in elementary school during
national hairball awareness month.

that's where i draw the line…

…and maybe when the third graders are finished learning
about hairballs, they will miraculously understand how to
create world peace…

oh, yeah, that's right;
peace doesn't have a month.