Jesus was a liberal?

i don't think that Jesus would want to watch
the criminals saved and unborn children killed.

maybe criminals should get redemption
but if one thinks that an innocent child should die,
and a criminal has the right to live, they have no idea
who Jesus really was.

and i think that Jesus wanted people to know;
i think he wanted to give them education, not
necessarily all the supplies.

i mean, if you give a man a few vegetables, maybe it'll
last a day, but if you teach him how to build a garden,
he could have food for a whole year.

and Jesus set up tithe to help the needy—the forefathers of
America set up a republic form democracy to run the country.
why border on the line of becoming a communistic country by
allowing a socialistic economic plan?

i mean, haven't we always been told that we
reap what we sow? sure, Jesus preached forgiveness
but just because he forgives people for their laziness
doesn't mean that they won't have consequences to pay.

every action has consequences.

i love Jesus and aspire to be like Him, but i don't think
being a conservative has any bearing on my relationship
with Him.

i can't help the fact that America was built on freedoms—
and i still think that it's necessary to have them. we don't want
our government to overpower it's people: the colonies showed
what a mess that made.

i love to help people who need it, but i think i have a right
to keep the money that i earn, and help who i please with it.
better health coverage is needed—but i don't know that Jesus
ever even thought of socialism as the way. as a matter of fact,
i don't think He thought of politics at all.

or gave judgments to people based on their political beliefs.
he taught us to love so i hope that we can agree—

to disagree.

on the political status of Jesus and the reason
why it's okay to be on either side.

(politics aren't black and white.)