defy fate and destiny

i hope you heard me cry last night and inhale
the water in the atmosphere. may it fill your
lungs because those tears fell down for you.

i only wanted to help you and watch you grow.

some may say that water in your lungs is the
equivalent to death but i think a bit differently.

i think that people can defy fate and destiny.

after all, isn't it said that:
"that which does not kill one only makes them stronger?"

…my tears are getting closer to your lungs
breathe them in now, it's okay to feel the burden.

stuff weighs us down every day.
but this won't kill you; i promise.
as long as you exhale it soon after…

a test is calcium for the soul;
don't let fear deprive you of the strength that you need
to defy fate and destiny.

i am giving you your chance as your story
tears me to pieces. let this make you stronger;
i can't cry over you forever.