Broken...the side of the road

He gave the push, fallin'

Off the edge...


He was searchin'

But could never find

That something

And now we'll never know

What it was

He was searching for

No oh

And now I'm traveling to find

That lost piece

The puzzle of my soul

What he couldn't find, I will

I will

Down the street with the darkened lamps

The leaves are fallen and I'm straining to see

Why...this place...feels so cold...

Alone in the dark and chasing a tale

It cold. the heart of a girl

Pickin' the pieces up but...

I couldn't remember the order...

Take it, she said with a shove as I fell out the door

You'll need it where you belong, she cried

And I did

The warmth on my soul is a fragile thing


The fires would warm my skin and as I held

Her heart I said I was dying to know

That night...the last...

She laughed.

Just in jest-