A/N: I am currently having a fangirling moment with Christian Burns from BBMak. I saw the video Tiesto ft. Christian Burns, called "In The Dark", saw inspiration and felt compelled to write this.

Lights are flashing on and off, the world is dark
And there you are, standing up on stage
The spotlight is on you and your mesmerizing guitar
I watch you move, and it terrifies me
That you've moved further into the dark.

The speakers pump up the beat
My body moves to the rhythm
Your whispered voice and your screams
Float in the air and feed into my heart
Crowds the empty spaces
Fills in the holes
Every corner and every inch of the world inside
Cries out for more of your presence
No, it is not enough to watch you for one song
One lyric, one rhyme, one stanza, one time
Make the one last forever; give meaning to your words,
Let their implications to me remain be:
"I want you to stay with me."

The lights flash on and off, dancing to your song
Like your feet do as you passionately sing along
And you wave your guitar around like you're a star
I am the last one left, the crowd has moved on.