Pull out the makeup, flick on the lights, draw the curtains ready for the grand entrance. Smooth those frown lines, conceal those spots, switch on the smile – ka-ching! – and rally all the forces; charm, humour and an infuriating carefree attitude for a full throttle attack. The moment of truth approaches – brace yourself, ARE YOU REAAAADYYYYY???? – deep breaths, shake out those nerves twisting your stomach – c'mon, smile now, don't drop it – bigger, wider…that's it, just a little more…perfect! All ready, teetering on the spindliest of proverbial heels, don't breathe too much, you might just collapse. Ready? Ready? Here we g- hurry up now, the curtain is rising! Stomach in, shoulders back, chin up, and smile. Bigger, please! Get out there! Now!