Note: This is an omake of my story "The Secret Necklace" it should be read in order to understand, otherwise, don't bother.

Birthday Surprises

Anna hummed lightly to herself as she laid back down on the large bed in her room. She flipped through a book of spells she had come upon in the abandoned house by the graveyard, carelessly. She had been passing by there a lot as of late, feeling the need to look in the library and grab a few books to take with her. It was as if the necklace- Adriana- was forcing her to go.

It wasn't as if she wanted to refuse her. And if truth be told she liked to please Adriana in any way she could- it was like this weird selfish desire to make her happy no matter what. And even though she didn't understand it, she couldn't push it away. It was still there, prodding her to do things that pleased the older girl.

She sighed, closed the book and pulling it close to her chest as she closed her eyes, tiredly. She just wanted to rest a little bit- the writing was beginning to hurt her yes and the light of the lamp wasn't helped. It was nearly midnight and she had begun to read since ten o'clock by which time almost everyone was asleep in the house.

She let the darkness crowd in around her as she turned off the lamp quietly. She should sleep now, she had a science tests tomorrow and a presentation for History. She curled into the book as she turned on her side to sleep. She was so tired…


Anna bolted upright, eyes flying open, her startled cry muffled by a strong delicate hand. She felt herself being pressed down against the bed sheets, a body hover over her own.

She stared up into those silver eyes, questioningly.

How did you get here…?

"I have my ways…" Adriana grinned down at her as her hand trailed away from her mouth and down to her neck. "Hello my beloved Annabelle… How are you today?"

"F-fine…" Anna whispered, stuttering.

"There's not need to whisper my dear." Adriana suddenly smirked. "I placed a spell on the door, walls and window. No sound can enter the room and none leaves it…" her smirk widened. "… So we can make all the noise we want…" She let her hand trail slowly down to the other parts of the young girl's body making her whimper slightly. She suddenly pulled away as she cupped Anna's face, "Have you ever been kissed before Annabelle?"

Anna stared at her, suddenly frightened by the intensity in those silver eyes. No, she wanted to say but that was a lie. She had been kissed before… by Madison. It had been after the whole ordeal with the necklace- on New Year's Eve… But it was January now… Late January…

"You've been kissed." Adriana glared fiercely, not waiting for her to respond. "Kissed by someone who wasn't me… You dared let yourself become stained by another… Let me erase that."

Anna didn't know what she meant until suddenly Adriana's lips crushed her own, pressing their bodies together with brutal passion so that the only thing between them was the book Anna clutched tightly in her hands and heat… arduous and fleeting as Adrian's hands touched her body, leaving her in a state of trembling need. Every inch those hands touched lit on fire, skin scorched by the touch and fueled by the want that erupted from the caresses. A gasp was lost amongst the fierce kiss as Adriana pushed her tongue in, possessively licking the inside of her mouth.

Adriana slipped her arm around Anna's waist grinding their hips together, making the younger girl moan into her mouth, friction unbearable as the fire swept up at the place, jeans suddenly becoming quite uncomfortable. She wanted to feel

Smirking, Adriana broke off the kiss whispering, "You will be mine…"

And just like that Adriana was gone, leaving Anna, trembling, cold and terribly aroused. She rolled onto her side, pulling the book closer to her and it was only then that she realized that it was her birthday and that she had just turned thirteen…