I feel so horrible… the last time I updated was on 6-18-08! Almost exactly 4 months ago! UGH!

But… Basically, I don't know when the next chapter of this story will be uploaded. As it stands, I don't think I even have a page written for it… isn't that sad? My plot penguin has turned tail and fled… hopefully he will come back soon!!

There is a possibility of a long-ish one shot coming out, and I have been having ideas for another story that I want to test out… so we will see! Just put me on your author alerts and you will get to read them!

Love2ReadnWritehaha! Way to go! Give him the ol' one-two! Actually, funny story, the day before I wrote that part one of my friends called me a bitch for taking his book (I wanted to read the summary) and I wouldn't give it back… so yeah, he calls me a bitch, and then his book met his head quite a few times. Lol. Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa.

As for all of you that are reading my stories but not reviewing… please review. I've gotten around 900 hits and only 17 reviews, pretty much all of which are from the same person. I review 99 out of the 100 chapters that I read on FF and FP and honestly, it only takes like 10 seconds. Just a "good chapter!" would be okay with me(But, of course I love all the hugely long reviews that some (coughLove2ReadnWritecough Hinthint) has also left. Please, that's all I ask of you.

ALSO! Anyone want to be my beta for this story and/ or another one (maybe 2) that I'm writing?

Thanks. :-)