Loose, Jeramiah!

I promise to be patient, if you promise to hurry up.
Don't stew up more emotions, if I can't even get this out.

I feel like we'll be hugging too tight,
when the highway takes its last breath.
I want them to be able to pry us apart,
when we lay dead in that ditch.

I can tell you this now, in out layered gypsy clothes,
what I'm asking for, darling, is for you to let go.

You don't have to emulate what I'm feeling,
I can hear the crooked voice.
But we'll trascend beyond reason.
We only love 'cause it's our only choice.

And they used to ask you, on that dividing line,
if you weren't stopping cars 'cause you wanted to die.

But I want them to be able to cover us up.
I don't want that beauty in our eyes.
I ain't laying in coffins, no they're too tight,
but if we're like this, the gravediggers won't even try.

And I honestly don't ever want to know why
you stood on the dividing line of the highway tonight.

I can tell you now, in this agriculture sky
that I wish we could embrace.
But the wheat's too thick & the temperature's much too high.
On nights like this, we want to cry.

But I tell you now in layered gypsy clothes,
it was all just pretend, darling, you must let go (!)