into your opal eyes I fell,
as if the twigs of your curling love
had finally entwined me,
engulfed me
through every bone
through every vein
through the core of my being
as if you are the glue that connects the
beatings of my restless heart
as if you've always been there

a blooming touch of remembrance
reaching back through the hidden veils of time
back to the day when we were mere stardust,
born together in a still unfolded darkness
both divided by the same mystery
when ultimately surrendered to the winds of grace,
we drifted away with nothing more than a dim echo,
wetted with the promising tale
that one day my wave will find your shore again

long have I dreamed about roaming the oceans
long have I travelled across the plains of the world
only to remember in the end
that you've always been with me
deeply meandering through the fibers of my soul

I saw your face,
captured in the hesitation of a fading evening light
when it had to make room for the night

I heard your voice,
in the silence between the fairytales
my father read to me during the long winter eves

I smelled your skin,
during my wanderings in a newborn forest mist
as if the previously fallen rain already expected
my soul to dance on its gracefully woven carpet

I tasted your lips,
in the sweet pancakes my grandmother made for me
after I once again ran away from school, away from the bullies

I sensed your breath,
in the soft breeze blowing through the summer fields
near the old farmhouse on the hill

I fell,
into your opal eyes


- and the flowers bend in the wind -