White Light

By Forever Lost Tear

Part One

Evil. A single word that strikes fear into the strongest souls. A word of death, a word of disease, a word of famine and persecution and destruction. A dangerous word that should be treated with the utmost caution and the great respect. It is an ancient word that is so powerful it can send some spiralling into incurable insanity and others into the waiting World of Spirit.

You may believe you know everything. You might consider yourself an expert in this, or that, but in reality you know nothing. There are different worlds, different futures that living beings cannot hope to comprehend. Destiny had a plan for everyone, no matter how great or how small, it is woven into their history, deciding their fates.

But there are those that cheat, those that fight against their destinies, those that strive to create their own path through life.

Those are the ones that evil finds easiest to destroy.

There is evil. There is good. There is blood. There is light. There is everything. There is nothing.

Destiny is a fickle friend and not to be trusted.

Death is waiting in the wings.