The Reason

"Buenos Noches Senor. Me llamo es Nadia y tu?"

"Mi nombre es Alex." He responded smiling as he kissed her knuckles. Nadia blushed softly looking away from him shyly. Spanish men were definitely very romantic.

Nadia looked around at their surroundings, at the persons who were on Spring Break and obviously having fun. Of all the cute guys to come up to she had to come up to the one who spoke little if no English.

"He is very cute girl! Ask him to dance or something that way you won't need words." Monet suggested having to shout above the din of the music for Nadia to hear her.

Nadia turned back to Alex who motioned to her to follow him out onto the deck. She turned to her girls and pointed to where they were going.

The coolness of the night air was a welcome change to the heat of the club. Nadia would never get use to clubs- and the crowds that they always encountered. It was a good thing that they only did that sort of thing once in every blue moon.

Alex's voice came over to her like warm honey. The smoothness of it was sweet and felt good. She looked up at him smiling as she listened to him compare her beauty to the evening- haunting and a beautiful change.

"I think you're so handsome- but then you can't understand a word I say hey? You know I hate Spanish right? Had I met you last semester then yeah- but after Nathan I don't think I can do it anymore. He's the reason behind so many things- especially why I hate Spanish. Why he makes me hate Spanish? A very long story- maybe someday I'll tell you." She sighed in English looking out at the sea and the dark night sky. His frown reminded her that he hadn't understood her.

"Me estaba diciendo que usted es un hombre joven muy guapo, y deseo que yo había conocido hasta ahora." She tripped over her words causing him to smile. She was actually quite good- probably better than she thought.

So she wished she'd met him before. He smiled and turned to look out at the beautiful diorama. He began to speak to her slowly about what he loved so far about his stay and tentatively she responded in Spanish. It was so cute to watch her mumble in English whenever she got frustrated- she was having the most interesting conversations with herself. Her braids fell in front of her face at times and she was always tucking them behind her ears.

"Hey girl we're about ready to go and meet up with the rest of the crew on Goodman's Bay. Nathan just called saying that they came home early- Gia and a few others got food poisoning. I think they ate some shellfish." Jordan said coming over to them. "James and Matthew are coming along- if Alex wants to join he can."

Nadia turned to Alex and asked him if he wanted to come along. He nodded his acquiesce. She motioned for him to follow her and Jordan towards where Monet had parked her mother's Explorer SUV- it was a good thing she'd opted for it tonight as opposed to her usual two-door Accord.

"We'll ride in my car and follow you ladies." James said smiling as he looked over at Jordan smiling.

"Don't get lost cause Nadia would kill you for losing her newest interest." Monet teased laughing.

As the guys got into James' car Alex sighed and let go of his mask. "I really like her. She is refreshing."

"They all are." James agreed smiling. "I told ya'll that Jordan and her friends were high caliber."

"So did she agree to date you again?" Matt enquired as he began to text Monet.

"As soon as she leaves the college she will be free to date me." James sighed.

"That's some major headway. What do you know about this Nathan chap? Nadia said that he was the reason she hated Spanish." Alex said looking out at the beautiful homes and buildings they passed on Bay Street.

"Hmm… I think Nathan was her ex or something and they studied Spanish together a lot. He is now dating their other friend Gia." James stated after wracking his brain.

"He's going to be here tonight so I'll get to meet him and see the one who had her heart. It's good to know your competition."

"But they're not together?" Matt asked in confusion as they pulled up to the beach.

"But Nadia's heart is filled with him. If I know who he is- I know how to be better and have her fall in love with me and Spanish." He explained logically.

As they got out of the car they noted a group of young persons on the slides and swings bouncing around happily. Monet, Jordan and Nadia motioned for them to follow.

"Hey all! We brought some guests with us." Monet called out as they came over to the group.

"Oh, you guys brought the old dudes." One of the guys teased as they came upon them.

"This is James, Matt and Alex. Alex speaks no English so Nadia is his translator tonight." Jordan introduced.

"Buenos Noches." The group greeted giggling. A few tried to communicate with him in Spanish, only Nathan and Nadia were well versed enough to talk with him.

Alex observed from a relatively safe distance, as they interacted in English. Many of the things they said made him smile wryly. The ladies were smitten by him, Matt and James- and the guys wanted them gone. Nadia motioned that she needed a moment to herself and headed towards the car leaving him standing with Nathan and Luke.

"It's a good thing that Nadia's Latin Lover doesn't speak much of any bit of English." Nathan said to Luke. "At times I miss talking to her at night. I can't get her out of my system- Gia is beautiful, but there is something about Nadia." Nathan sighed to Luke.

"The reason why you can't is because she's the one that got away. You've changed since you chose Gia." Luke pointed out.

"She was my reason for being my best- she sees only the good in people. She makes you want to live up to her expectations." He continued looking up at the stars. Turning to Alex he smiled, "And now it looks like she believes in this chap- it hurts to see her move on."

"I think now you know how she felt. You and Gia are the reason why she walked away from many things that she loved." Luke sighed getting up to walk away as Nadia walked back over towards them.

"Nadia, are you going to be home tomorrow?" Nathan asked.

"I'm not sure." Nadia replied shrugging as she came to stand next to Alex.

"I will call you." Nathan stated frowning at the way Alex stepped closer to her.

Alex spoke to her in Spanish as he motioned for her to come with him on a walk. He wanted to get her away from Nathan and the others for a bit. He wanted to continue interacting with her as they had earlier on the deck. They walked towards the seashore quietly.

Nadia broke the silence as she started to speak to him about her dreams as best as possible in Spanish. He listened and added a few things as time wore on. They continued talking until she decided to plop herself into the sand.

"I wish you spoke English, and then I could talk to you about how I feel. Why is it that I'm not better at this Spanish thing? I wish it was in my heart the way Nathan was- it would be so much easier now for us." She sighed looking up at him.

As he stood over her there was something about her that seemed so beautiful. He came to sit next to her with his arm around her shoulder. It was also hard for him- wanting to say so much but not being able to. Someday he would be able to and they'd both be happy. He smiled thinking of how right Nathan had been- Nadia had a way of making you want to be your best at whatever you tried. Here she was getting him to express himself with Spanish more than he had in years.

"I wish I had enough guts to ask you to kiss me. I think that's the only language we'll both understand." She sighed looking out at the sea as he held her hand. There was a full moon over head and the stillness of the evening.

He turned to her smiling as she was thinking the same thing he was. The only way they could communicate with no words was through a kiss. He knew after spending the evening with her that she was the real deal- the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life- and he wanted her to know it also. He turned her face in his hands and leaned in to kiss her.