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The Dream Kingdom Theory


The following text was taken from a a book which was found during the recent rennovations to the west wing of the Imperial Library. As a writer and a potential theorist, this small extract was of great interest and highly interesting. However, due to the questionable provenece of this text it cannot be presented as a real, factual text but merely as an interesting representation of what may be. Dear reader, I hope this small extract can provide you with the enjoyment and deep thought that I felt when reading it.

The Land of Dreams

First Chapter - The Demise of the Five Reigns of the Dream Kingdom

In the beginning, there were five mighty kingdoms in the realm of Hallem. These five separate kingdoms were entirely flat, like giant land masses which floated in the space which makes up most of the Hallem system. Each one of these vast floating islands was connected by huge causeways which bravely stretched across the great void of Hallem in order to connect the five kingdoms to each other but, most importantly, to connect each one to the central "island" in which dreams were changed into energy which would then sustain the five kingdoms. Not only that, it would also maintain the veil with which it remained protected from the outside worlds which would no doubt very much like to usurp such a powerful energy source as that created by dreams.

At an undefinable point in time, the veil which protected the realm of Hallem was breached by space crusaders who were in search of new worlds. Upon arrival, many of the Hallem peoples were afraid as they had never experienced anything outside of their own dimension. Despite the initial fear and shock at being invaded by unknown people, the people of Hallem welcomed the travellers. They were soon befriended by the crusaders and at first were wary as to what to tell them and where to allow them to stay. As time went by, the people of Hallem became more trusting towards the crusaders and allowed them to view their entire world including their most important secret, their energy source. The revelation of the source of power of Hallem (the dream factory) instilled a feeling of jealousy on the part of the crusaders. They could not believe how much energy was created by something as airy and weightless as a dream. The idea that these strange people were "usurping" other people's dreams from other dimensions planted the initial seed of hate in the hearts of the crusaders. Soon after they left and, as far as the people of Hallem were concerned, they would never come again.

Among the people of Hallem there were those called "seers" as they had the power to see the past, present and future. A while before the final hours of Hallem as a united realm a seer in the reign of Discord saw a dreadful war taking place on the very ground upon which the vision was being told. The attacker, however, remained unknown to this seer and all of the others as well. Panic began to grip the very spirit of Hallem. Not being a war like people they did not know what to expect. They had no idea how to fight a war as they had never needed to.

As had been foreseen, the fateful day arrived. The crusaders returned by stealth to Hallem and managed to weaken the veil enough for them to enter with ease. This change was sensed by the people of Hallem and so panic began. Most of all, the people of Hallem feared the unknown, they who had for many centuries seen what most other beings dreamed about, seen other worlds and systems far from their own all through the use of dreams. For their vast knowledge of the universe, they were now defenceless in a situation they had never experienced before. Many Hallemians died while trying to defend their world and ultimately their source of power for if that were to be removed the entire Hallem system would fall apart and drift for ever in the dark void of Hallem. The war mongering crusaders attacked relentlessly. They looted everything of value, pulled down the dream towers in every kingdom and, as a final blow, they went to take the source of power, the palace of dreams.

They were fended off bravely but even the Hallemian's best attempts failed to retain them for long and they were soon at the gates of the Palace of Dreams. As a last resort, the High Lord of Hallem released the great Halle orb from its holds and so sent it falling down through the endless void of Hallem. As soon as the orb's essence disappeared so did the kingdom. At first their sun-like glow faded to near darkness. In this semi darkness, all that could be heard was the sound of the vast causeways breaking apart and so flinging each reign into new parts of the void of Hallem. Each of the five kingdoms drifted further apart from each other. Life on each land mass became difficult as plants and animals began to die off. Water supplies, once plentiful because of the Halle orb, began to dwindle but, worst of all, each separate kingdom was drifting to new parts of the void never to see each other again.

Thus, the five kingdoms of Hallem, the lands of Tranquillity, Discord, Indecision, Sorrow and Joy, drifted out of sight and out of mind never to be seen again. And so the age of dreams ended. However, with the end of a kingdom many myths soon emerged as to its demise. Many myths state that the people of "dream land" destroyed themselves through greed and corruption which, in a way, could be true as they sacrificed their own energy source to stop others using it. Others create vivid images and depictions of valiant warriors who battled till the bitter end of their kingdom. However, there are others which merely state that this so called "dream land" is nothing more than a tale, a myth and never really existed. This is where the idea of "dream land" emerged. Many people began to make their children believe that their dreams, once dreamt, returned to dream land for that is where they lived. Parents would describe "dream land" as a place full of sunshine, green meadows and fluffy white clouds in which dreams lived freely. Over the generations, the idea of "dream land" was propagated and so it became merely a childhood myth and was also used to scare children into behaving. They were told that if they wanted their dreams to reach "dream land" they had to be good otherwise they would be too slow, after being laden down with the bad deeds, to escape the monster Malleh or dream eater and so would be eaten.

Through this sudden cessation of order the power of Chaos, an older part of the Hallem kingdom which disappeared quite early on in its history, gained control. Out of the blood shed, conflict and chaos of the situation a monster was born. From the depths of Hallem it arose with the sole purpose of destroying and devouring dreams in order to completely annihilate the entire realm of Hallem which had been created in this place to bring order and peace. This creature was known as Malleh the devourer of dreams or dream eater. With this extra disadvantage, the scattered kingdoms of Hallem did not seem to stand much of a chance but for one thing. Due to the vastness of the void of Hallem the monster Malleh could not be patrolling the same place all the time and, seeing as the five kingdoms had been pushed apart it became impossible to attack them all together. As a result, for many months, most kingdoms would have a period of tranquillity. When the monster Malleh came they would be short on energy for a while but soon it would tire of the same place and move on to the next. As this happened more consecutively it became part of a yearly cycle. For most of the year there would be no bother at all, this was known as the shining times because with the presence of more dreams each reign began to regain its former glow. For the latter part of the year, when Malleh was upon them (known as the dark times) the glow would fade and energy would be low.

Due to the constant flow of dreams, the five kingdoms of Hallem were able to re establish themselves to a certain extent and begin life again even though it was and would always be a far cry from the Golden age of the five mighty kingdoms, united and powered by the Halle orb.

Second Chapter - The Palace of Dreams

The palace of dreams was the place where the Halle orb was contained. It would power the entire realm and renew all their natural resources such as water and plants. Basically, this was the life force of the entire kingdom and so it could be understood why they wanted to keep it to themselves. If any part of it were to go missing or be stolen then the part of Hallem which that part powered would die. It was never meant to leave the palace of dreams. It was there it had been created and it was there it would stay.

As a basic plan of the building, it consisted of 3 great rings which got smaller as they went down (the palace), a fourth circular platform below these and a tower like chamber held high above the palace. This was the Tower of Halle. It was here, in the uppermost chamber, that the Halle orb was stored. From this point it acted like an artificial sun as it lit up all of the five kingdoms. To create the illusion of night and day the orb chamber only had windows on one side of the tower. This would allow the light to shine through the windows but not through the wall to give the impression of day and night. The orb itself never actually moved but it was the revolving kingdoms that, while orbiting the palace of dreams, would create this illusion. The light shone by the Orb was of such intensity that it could be seen for miles around and so, some say, symbolised a beacon of hope for all those who saw it.

The palace itself was of considerably vast proportions but, contrary to its name, was more of a universal library than a palace. The upper floors of the top ring were used as a palatial residence for the High Lord of Hallem but the remaining rings were full of endless knowledge. All the knowledge that was collected from the myriad of dreams that were being received every day was stored in these rings. As a result of this it was very important to keep it safe. This is where the palace guardians came in. They were descendants of an ancient and fascinating ritual which involved the volunteer being given a part of the Halle Orb's power after a test of their goodness and loyalty. They would then become demi-gods of a sort. They had powers which were far beyond most trained mages but this power could only be used to protect, never for personal gain thus the trial of "Pure Loyalty". These guardians would levitate and from that time on their feet would seldom touch the ground. They would spend their entire lives patrolling the palace but to this very day nobody is able to explain why this population of pacifists needed such fearsome guardians. Was it merely paranoia or had something already happened? Again nobody knows and this question will probably never be answered.


Despite there being many critics and experts stating as fact that this realm never existed many people have gone in search of this mystical land not so much to discover the people but to find the palace of dreams itself as that is the biggest treasure that anyone could think of. According to the myth this would be the largest amount of recorded knowledge ever to have existed anywhere and so it comes as no surprise that many "rescue parties" have set off in search of this fabled palace but all have eventually returned empty handed as, for starters, nobody really knew where it was.

And so this gem of seemingly forbidden knowledge still lies in the dark depths of space, no one knows where to be precise, but it is probably not wrong to think that this may all be a hyped up "fisherman's tale" from a long distant voyage through space. However, the question which remains is if this place really exists or it doesn't? Realistically, it sounds preposterous that such a place could ever have been in existence and factually it is nowhere to be seen. Because of the sceptical times there is need of solid evidence as proof that something is real. Sadly there is none for Hallem apart from hand written scrolls found in different parts of the great desert which have been disregarded because of their provenance but which have gained interest from a biological point of view as they are made of a material not found on this planet or this system for that matter. Where did they come from then? Why were they only found in the great desert? All these questions must sadly remain unanswered.

It is from the study of a few of these scrolls that these notes have been compiled but it is regrettable to have to say that due to the lack of factual evidence and its mystery it must be assumed that there is no such place as the Realm of Hallem.

(From "Foolish Conspiracies" compiled by Hadrien Wert written by Orren Darten. Notes first published by "Three Feathers" press in 1988 with the title of "In Search of Hope" – "Foolish Conspiracies" published by "Lionheart" publishers ltd. in 3758)