A vile and disgusting creature

Waits inside a heart-shaped cave.

Of evil, he's the greatest teacher.

He looks for one to be his slave.

A horrid and atrocious being

Sits upon a twisted throne.

I see everything he's seeing;

He thrusts his will upon my own.

The dreadful and horrific brute

Ruled me once, in days long past.

But still his influence takes root;

He fights against me to the last.

This hideous and loathsome beast

Makes me do things I would not.

On my soul he wants to feast

While watching my composure rot.

That ludicrous abomination

Was in me prior to my birth.

Through deception and manipulation,

He keeps me shackled to this earth.

This terrible and wretched thing

Revels in the dark of night.

He causes death and suffering,

But hides his face when comes the light.

A true and faithful warrior

Stares the monster in the face.

Of good news, He's the courier;

He's come to banish this disgrace.

The valiant and holy hero

Crushes the monster easily.

Sin's power over me is zero;

I live in peace and harmony.

I don't know when this evil power

Will come to strike again.

But it won't my soul devour,

For God and I will win.