I need water.

It keeps me alive—

--When I drink it, that is.

It cleanses my being

And fills my thirsty soul—

My thirsty soul that's been parched and withered

From a continuous lack of water.

I need water—

The kind of water that flows from the pages of that ancient book

As I study its divinely inspired message.

The kind of water that pours out on my spirit

When I lift up someone else in prayer

And commune with the Almighty.

This is the water that refreshes and nourishes me,

That lets me thirst again—

But of which I have not had enough.

I need to immerse myself in this water,

But for days now I have barely sipped it,

Allowing the cares of life to drown out what I really need most.

My heart is hardened, my soul is dry,

Numb to the feeling of thirst, not caring to be quenched.

I know I need water.

It keeps me alive, and without it, I'll die.

But as I go through these days and avoid drinking it in,

I can't help but ask myself—

How much longer can I last without water?