In dead-sleep flow, not as we seem
Though sea-surf ebb, we dare to dream
Flotsam wreathed and saline swelled,
Yet spark within still lives to tell
Oh struck-down child, look up and see
Two burning, shining, eyes on thee.

Say, say, say the words
Speak to life the promise heard
Gasping, heaving, sinking, b r e a t h e
Come to me, come to me.

From open lips the thunder send
Let struggle sore begin again
For weak-flesh tongues to You have cried;
At Fire-Word's call we fight the tide.
Heralds of Heaven, this shower of stars;
Blast signal flare to sound the charge.

Say, say, say it loud
Call to arms this swarming crowd
Pulling, crashing, stagger, stay
Won't fade away, fade away.

Though some still fear a violent sky-
Succumb, submerge, the song deny-
Electric embrace, strike at thy will
Thy words of love, my core hears still
For though dead weight may labor breath,
Life still breathes 'neath mask of death.

Say, say, say it to me
Speak ears to hear and eyes to see
Reaching, stretching, hunger, fight
Hold on tight, hold on tight.

So take my hands, bring me home,
And let not reward be beach alone
For do we rush this endless main
One meager grain of sand to claim?
Our spirits crave sky, not just shore-
Not legs to stand, but wings to soar.

Say, say, say it again
First of Love and first of Friend
Drink of joy, covenant shown;
Never alone, never alone.

((Author's Note: Couplets. Wow. I still find it hard to believe that I managed to do eight stanzas of couplets. Now don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly legitimate style; it's just that it takes talent to do well. Thus my reluctance. Hello there, Mr. Forced Rhyme, my name is Janine. We're apparently going to be seeing more of each other in the future. (twitch) To be honest, the more I look at this thing, the more pathetic it seems to me; there comes a point when you just can't trust your own opinion of your work anymore. If you ever could to begin with, which is unlikely. Such is the point I have come to… you guys will just have to tell me if you understand it or not.))