Oh, my child, when will you learn?


Tears are beautiful, and use(less)ful,

… but they will not save you now.


Dearling, darling, sweetling mine—

My love, you are so far from me, now,

too far for my reach.

I long to pull you close,

but alas…

Those days are gone.


Weep, if you will—

Weep so prettily, trying,

trying for mercy.

The world has none.


You are too big for my arms now,

too tall and too grown,

out in the wide world,

testing your meddle and your heart.

I would take all your burdens,

all the pain and strife of life…

But, for all the hardships, there is joy.

and I would not take that from you.


I've tried to teach you strength and perseverance,

to continue on when all beat down at you,

telling you can't and won't and shouldn't.

And I know… in my heart,

I know that you can succeed and flourish,

that you don't need me to lift you anymore.

I still want to, though, dear one.

Oh, how I still want to.


Dearling, darling, sweetling mine,

walk the wide world now.

Walk the wide world.

Do not weep, but rejoice…

And remember, my love,

Remember that you can always come back to me.