Why no one reads your story?

Author's Notes

This is unofficially the last chapter or the so-called special chapter.

Yes, this is the chapter where the whole chapter is an "author's notes" telling you THERE IS A SEQUEL or may be one anyway. That's all this chapter will say.

The question is: will you still support it?


The end.

SORRY that you got ripped off.

There will be an un-unofficial next chapter telling you the sequel will be delayed as I have gone on hiatus for a few days. But not to worry, it's definitely in the works and is in the planning stages.

Yeah, I know... this never had content anyway... so the whole thing was just random author notes. Wow. Thanks for reading all this time and for putting up with this randomness.


Question: Why does there need to be a sequel? What's the difference? You'll be writing the freaking same thing.