it was summer oh-seven when we met. who knew the beach could be so sweet?

i wasn't gunna go that day. i told you that, didn't i? kira made me. she said i didn't get enough sunshine.

i told her i had plenty of sunshine.

you smiled at me when i got my virgin strawberry daiquiri.
you made me lose focus, and i spilt it down my stomach.
after laughing, you came over.

hey, i'm jess.

the next week we went to the movies. half way through whatever we saw, (i can honestly say i spent more time looking at you. i'd have to look at the ticket stub to figure out the movie) you took my hand in yours. i think the screen exploded, or at least my heart did.
it wasn't until two weeks later that you kissed me. it wasn't my first kiss, and it certainly wasn't yours, but if anyone asks me who the first person i kissed was, i say it was you. you made me forget everything that happened before.
you told me after that you were leaving in a few days, heading back to ohio. it didn't hit me until you left me for the last time, and we made no plans to meet the next day. everyone told me it was silly to fall in love with a summer girl, and i think i knew, but i couldn't help it.

you were just to real for me to pass up.