she got into the tube.
this was only her second time on the intertube, and she wanted to do it perfectly.
lie down still,
put on the headphones,
shut your eyes,
and breathe.
she was nervous though,
dreadfully nervous.
so nervous, in fact, she forgot to breathe.
she stayed still though,
just thinking.
her limbs started to hurt, and her mouth felt dry. she was hungry, starving.
she stayed in the intertube for what felt like forever.

finally, the intertube stopped.
the tube opened, and the people on the other end gasped.
she was once a young girl, and now she's dead.

Explanation below. It's not necessary, but helpful if you're completely confused.

The intertube is a form of futuristic travel, for moving between planets. You're whisked through it at light speed, but it still takes awhile. The concept is that time moves slower outside of the planetary boundary, therefore, what seems like an hour to people on the planets is actually a few years in space. The reason you need to breath, is to take in a gas that puts you in a "sleep" state, and keeps you from aging, and the time in the tube from affecting you. However, she didn't breath in the gas, so she was affected by extreme hunger and dehydration, therefore, leading to her death. This is COMPLETE fiction, so yes, it makes little to no sense. Crap, this was longer than the whole story…

Anyway, please tell me if you this it's an interesting concept, because I think I'd like to write something longer with the same theme.