Jack had a plan. Not a good one, but a plan nonetheless. The girls had informed him that Marty was at a business party with Luke. At first he was surprised by this news but then a smile overtook his face. They would be good for each other.

What was really important about what they said, however, was that Marty suspected Tess would be at the party with Dominic. Turns out he works for the law firm in which Luke's family had a controlling interest.

After finding out the venue Jack quickly left his bar in an effort to reach the shindig before it could reach its end. He may never get another chance to see Tess otherwise. On the way there he created his plan.

1. Find Tess

2. Figure out what the Hell is going on

3. Punch Dominic

4. Leave, hopefully with the girl.

He'd be happy if he just managed to accomplish task number 1. He really missed her, even though in reality he hadn't known her long. Jack couldn't figure out why but in such a short time she had become integral to his well-being. Without her he was miserable.


Dominic opened the back door and saw two people embracing. It was dark so he couldn't quite make them out but if it was Tess he was going to kill her.

Embarrass him, cheat on him and get away with it? He didn't think so.

Walking closer he tried to keep his temper under control, few people had ever seen him truly angry and he wanted to keep it that way. A hot tempered lawyer did not last long in the law firm of Brooks and Associates.

When he came up to the couple he cleared his throat so they knew he was there. Two people he knew stared at him, one in confusion; one with hatred. Luke, his boss' son and Marty, one of Tess' former, he grinned inwardly, friends.

Dominic pasted on a humble smile and offered his hand to Luke, "Lucas Brooks? Hi, I'm one of your father's top associates with the firm. There are people looking for you inside, I think Mr. Brooks is looking to make an announcement soon."

Luke frowned slightly, "Oh, thanks....I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name..."

"Dominic," Marty spat.

That's when Lucas' face turned from one of confusion to disgust. Fuck, Dominic though, Marty has been poisoning his mind. Well, he'd just have to show that Marty is a lying bitch not to be trusted.

He turned to her, "Marty, my dear, how are you these days? Tess has been trying to get hold of you but she says you're not picking up your phone."

Before he realized what was happening Marty had slapped him across the face,

"You sonofabitch, you stay away from her, you hear me," she screamed but he never got a chance to respond because Lucas was dragging her inside, back to the party.

Well, he thought; that could have gone better.


Tess was standing in the main hall chatting with other trophy wives about who knows what. She was just as miserable as she was prior to her talk with Marty and Luke, if not slightly more hopeful.

They would help her find a way out of her suffocating relationship with Dominic and if they couldn't she would just have to be strong enough to leave on her own. Let him try to ruin the lives of her and her friends, she'd fight back.

"My, my, look at that fine piece of something something that just walked in," one of the girls purred looking over Tess' shoulder.

"A bit underdressed, don't you think," said one of the more snobbish girls.

Silence descended on the group while they tried to decide whether he was worthy enough for them to cheat on their husbands who were no doubt cheating on them.

Finally, one of the girls said,

"He's walking this way, I call dibs"

When he finally reached them there was a collective chorus of "hello darling" within the group. Tess ignored it all.

At least, she did until she heard the words, "Tess, look at me" from behind her.

She spun around so fast she lost her balance and fell into his arms.

"Jack!" she said before he pressed his lips to hers.