Mr. Piper looked in bewilderment at the phone as he set it back on the hook, almost as if it were one of Hailey's books that he disliked so much.

"What is it?" Gwen's voice broke through her father's trance. He shook his head quickly and turned to face his daughter.

"Hailey's…" he started, then stopped abruptly. Gwen looked at him expectantly.

"She's alive," he said suddenly, and Gwen's face lit up.

"Really? She lived! That's awesome!"

"Yeah…" Gwen thought her father sounded troubled.

"What?" He just shook his head.

"Get your stuff, we're going to go pick up your sister."

Gwen was up the stairs in little time. She had decided, judging from her father's reaction to Hailey's recovery, that he was suspicious, so she took the little spellbook and hid it with her schoolbooks, then retied the ankh to the bookmark and disposed of the now-lifeless flower.

"You ready yet?" Mr. Piper called up from the bottom of the stairwell.

"Gimme a minute!" Gwen called back down. She hastily grabbed her purse and shoved her backpack behind her door, then went down the stairs to join her father at the car.

Hailey threw herself at Gwen as soon as she walked into the room.

"Hailey!" Gwen exclaimed a second before she made contact. Stumbling backwards into the wall of the waiting room, Gwen hugged her little sister.

"Nice call with the spell, sis," Gwen whispered into Hailey's ear. The slightly-shorter girl just smiled.

"I knew about that one…I owe you one now, by the law of that spellbook..." Gwen pulled back from her sister a bit, giving her an obviously perplexed-by-the-statement look. Hailey shook her head.

"Not now, Dad's watching. You'll get it later." And with that, Hailey hugged her sister once again.

Mr. Piper huffed, then turned around and signed the release form for his daughter.