Claustrophobia to insanity

"Ow..." My head hurt and my vision was blurry. I looked around and found myself inside of a store.

"What the hell? How come I'm standing and not in my room?" I looked around more then I felt my shirt being pulled and I looked down and saw a cute little blonde girl around 5 or 6 years old. "Mom, mom! Can I buy this? Can I? Can?"

"What?" I looked at her as if she was the weirdest thing in the world, how could I be her mother? I'm just 12 and I don't even have a period yet and a girl at this age that's my child?
I couldn't say anything, I was just so stunned and all I could do was rush out of the store. As I ran outside I saw myself in the glass and I saw myself as an adult. Then I turned and suddenly felt dizzy and fell.

"Are you okay?" A man asked me. That man had dark hair and eyes, he also had glasses and was slightly chubby but not exactly fat. He almost looked like a classmate.


"Uh, yeah?" So it was really him. If he's older too then I must have traveled throught time just by sleeping...but how? This doesn't even look like a dream, everything's too clear except for the fact that I am an adult with a child.

"What year is this?"

"This is a calendar." He showed me a calendar that I never seen before. It was the 12th day of some month and below the numbers there were drawings. There was a snowman then the number 2 from the number 12 had a fire thing below.

A idea hit me and I just knew that I had to run as if I'm running throught time to go back to my childhood, then I was in a field of snow. I wouldn't just stand there so I ran, running for my life back.

Minutes felt like hours and suddenly a monster that was a lizard like creature made of fire with a harpoon in it claws appeared in front of me.

"It's illegal!" Said the weird creature, he pushed me back and I was at the beginning of the road, back in where I started. I ran again but the thing blocked me again and threw me back once more. I kept on doing that over and over again but it didn't work so I decided to dress in red so people would think that I'm that creature and it worked.

I passed by and saw a large pool in the snow, it didn't look hot since there was no smoke coming out. I got closer but I decided to just leave it and keep on running so I walked pass the pool but I found a dead end, it was a small tunnel like a cave but I could see that it wasn't even a tunnel, it was just something shaped like a opened door but it was blocked by planks.

I suddenly felt the ground shake and a giant snow man formed from the pool. The monster was like a mountain and it looked down at me.

"Which hand should I use?" He asked me. I didn't say anything, I was too scared to move a muscle and unfortunately, for not answering. The thing grabbed me and threw me back to the beginning so I dressed in white hoping that the trick would work but it didn't.

"Which hand should I use?" He asked again. I just pointed to his right hand and he tried punching me, I quickly dodged and he hit the planks that blocked the tunnel-door like thingy so I quickly rushed out.


I woke up again and I was at my house, it turned out that it was really a dream. I touched my hair and face and looked at my hands, I was a kid again. I looked around the living room. Turned out that I forgot that it was winter and I rather sleep in the living room in that season.

I looked on the ground and saw my people lying in there, they were my classmates and they all woke up and ran out of the living room but then my science teacher appeared.

"No kids, nobody is going out."

I realized that I was now in a orphanage but somehow I wan't surprise and I didn't really care for some reason, I knew everything about it.

Everybody formed a line and I could see that my home that is a school at the same time, it had lockers, my school doesn't use lockers.

Everyone were grabbing their stuff but we were still in our PJs. I was left standing there not knowing which locker was mine.

We all went out but didn't grab the books, I didn't know what to do so I followed them. I gasped outside, it was just a meadow full of flowers. There was nothing else in the horizon other than the flowers and sky, no hills, cities, or even trees. It was like a cage but I was outside. I sat with my friends as if everything was normal and they were picking flowers since I had nothing to do I just did what they were doing and a huge spider jumped on my arm, I just stood up and ran around trying to get the spider off then more spiders jumped on me, they were all tarantulas.

My friends just kept on picking flowers not caring what was happening to me althought they did see me and some were looking at me but kept on picking flowers.


I was sitting in the stairs that were outside of the orphanage, the stairs were on the walls and I sat there with my head on my hands. It was nightime and I felt sad and lonely, I was homesick and really tired after everything that happened today.

2 girls walked past me and they had masks, I looked at them and they turned to me and a snake tongue came out and back in quickly, I followed them till we were in a basement and there was a party, everyone had a snake tongue going in and out of their mouths.

"Hey there!" David greeted me with his friends next to him and their snake tongues rolled down and inside again "Where's your snake tongue toy?"

"It's a toy? Uh...well I don't have one." He and his friends laughed and turned around and walked away.

I ran outside and instead of being outside, I was in a mossy cave with huge flowers. I walked in and wandered around like a lost child.

"AAAAAAAAH!!" Some weird creature popped out of the flower screaming, it was wooden and round, it was wide and its height just reached my knees. It ran past me and outside of the cave.

The cave was like a big hole with columns in the wide bottomless hole. I stepped on a flower and fell inside of it and I struggled to get out and I was shot like a cannonball. I screamed but I fell in another one of those coloumns. I stepped on the flower there on purpose and was shot out back to the ground from where I began. I looked around to get out but the cave was too dark so I wandered and wandered.

Hours passed and I learned how the cave looked like, I could even make a map of it and in that map there would be no exit.

Well, I hope you like it, this is my first story and it was just a weird dream, not a nightmare its fun having weird dreams and I been having them like everyday. Read and review please.

Dreams count as fiction right?

EDIT: I have edited this so everything's corrected...well mostly and there's more description. Obviously you're confused by this story but it's not suppose to even make sense, I added a lot to make this more like a story althought there are still non-logical stuff like the part of walking down the stairs that are outside of the school then I was in a basement inside of the school. So if you think that you didn't understand then it means that you did.

Note: It's also suppose to be like Majora mask, the flowers are the deku flowers and the people there are deku scrubs.