The silk sheets glided across her soft skin and she leaned backwards into a warm embrace of arms. A tongue caressed her own, as a hand brushed her breasts, sliding down lower to prove the perfect ecstasy.

Her lover was an expert, a miracle worker in his own right. He could make her feel…everything. This was passion beyond anything she had ever known, anything she had ever dreamed of. His head was in the crook of her neck, his cold breath on her throat, his lips teasing her searing flesh. He knew exactly what he was doing, exactly what he wanted from her and he was giving her what she craved so that he could have it.

The lips of her lover skimmed back and a second later sharp teeth skimmed across her nipple. She groaned and bit her own lip in anticipation, waiting for that moment when passion and ecstasy merged to become pure bliss. He returned to her throat and she felt the release as the teeth sank swiftly into her neck, piercing her skin and allowing blood and life to flow freely. Sex was all about life and living, for her and for him.

She groaned again in complete satisfaction, stroking his soft hair as he sucked her blood greedily.

She was in Heaven.

He was Heartless.