my head slipping

underneath the black black waters

of my own


my lungs closing up

baring themselves from oxygen


in a world

where the sun

never shines

and there are no stars

twinkling in the sky

high above


as the pain fills me

makes my heart sag

makes my mind scream

makes me want to end it

just end it all

and give in

feeling like i cant breathe

chains squeezing

against my chest

my head pounding


when will sleep finally

take over

but i force myself

not to give in

not to send my pain

to my friends

my sister

not wanting them to have to suffer

as i do now


i dont know

death will bring relief

to me

will finally end this never ending


that i feel

but i want it

i want it so badly

i want to scream

to let it all


to let it all


its just too much

for me to handle


a lot of times

all the time

never ending

theres just so much pain

i turn to my blade

for help

and it obliges

helping me

release my pain

as my wrists bleed

and my mind clears

i just want it to end

i just want it to be over

if it werent for the few friends

i love

for my last sister

i love

i would have done it long ago

suicide is


in its own way

as it will sooner or later

release me from my bonds

and set me free

from my world of darkness