A/N: This is supposed to read like a nightmare- jumbled, rushing, desperate... Just FYI



Can't confide in

Anyone or


I am here

Something's there

I'm all alone

With my worst fear

Yellow Monster, leering grin

He's coming girl, don't let him in

Reflective eyes

I can't see through



What to do?

Help me Help me

Someone here

I need you, save me!

Flee from fear

Lost in Horror's Labyrinth

Nothing here makes any sense

I'm running with these fear-born wings

He lumbers after

Closing in

My friends and brothers walk away

Only Fear will pledge to stay

My shriek for help

Falls on deaf ears

I'm all alone

The Monster's here.

I shudder

Horror rakes my spine

The Monster's leer says

You are mine

I'm paralyzed

Can't run away

To fight this fate another day

His Hands

His Eyes

His Touch


I pray to God it's all a dream

I wake alone

Cold sweat

It's night

Somehow, I know

I lost that fight

Can't close my eyes

Or he'll appear

The Yellow Monster's grinning leer

Two years, almost, since when I fled

For all I know the Monster's dead

But still at nights

He haunts my dreams

Arrests my thoughts

And steals my screams

Yellow Monster, leave my life

Let me find some peace tonight.

A/N: (again) Yellow Monster sounds ridiculous, I know. But it's mildly more poetic than creepy man in a dirty yellow jumpsuit and terrifyingly reflective glasses... I'm guessing most people who know me have heard this story by now.