a/n: Richard's new status message - ...Wishing someone had some good news for me
An e-mail.

Some good news:

I don't cut myself anymore.
I cry too much.
Juno is a good movie.
Devon's parents hate me.
I can't stand seeing my best friends together.
I think my best friend hates me for telling her what she asked to know.
I don't know where my life is going to.
I'm stuck at home with my dad.
My mom doesn't exist anymore.
I almost failed English last quarter.
I did fail half of my art projects.
My eyes are burning.
I still think of you as someone I can talk to.
I don't think you've even read this far down.
If you have please send something back.
And tell me to stop being stupid.
And maybe tell me to grow up.
Because no one else seems to be able to.

a/n: Hmm, I wonder what Richard will think of that.