The President of the World stood on his podium
The crowd hushed down to a quieter thrum
He coughed with anxiety and to the microphone said,
"In the Beginning, all the Gods made a Bet,

"'Let Us try crafting a creature of greed,
Whose good will bows down to his own little need,
Let Us bet that he can't be like us,
No force could make him great and selfless!'"

The crowd blinked twice and asked as they stalled,
"Just what was this hideous creature called?"
The President frowned and said as politely as one can,
"I'm sorry to tell you, the Gods called him Man."

The end was nigh and they were stuck in a cage,
Screams rose high and fists flew with outrage,
And just as the bodies started piling up,
The Gods slammed the lid shut and took them all up.

Without noise, without shouting, without flashes of light
Earth collapsed in on itself and turned infinite night
Like the sudden dropping of wax of an envelope's seal
The end of the world was a silent ordeal.