I'm alive and on fire! A fire burning brighter
Than all the sunrises I've ever known before!
I used to think I was alive;
I thought blithely my livelihood was full,
But instead of standing, I was sleeping;
Instead of seeing, I was dreaming;
Now instead of dreaming, I am feeling,
I am moving, I am thinking,
I am flying higher into skies I've never even seen.

I'm alive and on air, on lofty heights
That move me and prove to me I'm here,
And that I've been here all along.
The sun burns my eyelids away,
But the burning isn't hurting anymore.
I can see what I have not seen before,
But now that I have gotten here, I cannot land again.

I'm alive and on ice, and now that I'm feeling
I can feel how cold it's always been.
I have to keep moving to keep from freezing,
Now that I'm on the move, I cannot sleep again.
But I'm on fire, enough to keep the ice at bay;
I'm on air, but not enough to fly away.

I'm so alive, but somehow living kills me,
Somehow living puts me dying.
Dying will I always do, but not as soon
As this burning cold world would have me go.
I'm only as slow as things I still don't know;
I'm only as high as my lowest flights;
But I'm not dead, at least not yet,
And I don't plan to be until I feel my time is done.
I won't die yet until I'm all spent,
Until I can no longer see and close my eyes,
When from what I've seen I can no longer dream.
That will my end of time, and then is when I'll go.

But right now, I'm too alive.