She is walking by with a firm
resonance and it makes
me remember

about her and the summer
we siphoned for ourselves

singing goo goo dolls songs
in the rain

& naming stars.

I want to shout out "hello you"
(our usedtobe catch line)
but I know,
she wouldn't respond.

She is dead under the fragile skin
her copper hair flagged down
with the weight
of grieving

(for her sister
rammed by a truck

on her birthday.)

steady, steady she walks
catching the weight of the world
on her shoulders
like always,
I pass her a small brief smile and

usually, she'd look
through me
hollow eyes always half brimmed

but today,

today she lets slip a cautious smile
with eyes holding
all of yesterday's memories.

I whisper, a choking
"Hello you"
hugging an effigy of her
in my mind.