Bloody Love

By: SilverISamu

Tis the taste of blood in my mouth

My strong bold hands

Are washed in your blood

These blood stained hands took your life

By force and obligation

I will wash them but they will never be clean

I'm a destined killer

I find myself running but getting nowhere

Not looking back

This burning fire of agony

This burning heart of flames

I didn't want to kill you

I close my eyes

And I see you in my mind

I can feel your cold, chilly hands reaching out

Reaching out for a reason

Getting colder and colder

Your lips quivering as the pain shot through your body

Wanting to ask why

Gasping for air

With my name on your lips, you lay there in my arms and I'm holding you close

Not wanting to let you go

You say, "No matter what happens, I'll always love you."

Your eyes not knowing the truth

I know the truth

The truth hurts

With a snap of my fingers

Those high-pitched screams of deception

Were all I heard at night

This pain

This pain of never seeing you again



I'm the reason you're not here

I tried to save you

Save you from me

I was so lucky to have you

You looked into my eyes

And saw my tear

You kissed it dry

And kissed me for the last time

Saying my name, you took your last breath

And I held your lifeless body still

Not believing your death

I'm missing you

My Izayoi

I'm afraid

Afraid of who I am

Afraid of who I'm becoming

I heartless bastard

This is my


The Death Phoenix


A/N: This was about a character Onigeishima © Melissa Norvell.

He's the death phoenix which is a character who goes and kills those who escaped death. He ended up falling in love and had to kill the person he loved. He tried to keep her alive as long as possible because he didn't want to kill her but the Gods made him do it. His story was really very sad so I decided to write a poem about it.

That's why it's in the manga section.

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