January 27th of 2oo8

You've seen your house alight with bright flames, the next day or so, its just ashes.
You've seen car crashes, on the highway and local,
and it's always so shocking, to just witness the impact.
You've seen 9/11, watching the mighty twin towers
collapse to rubble – it's so easy, like kicking over a sand castle.
You've seen a huge beautiful deer lying
in its own pool of blood on the road, its body twitching,
its black eyes, watching you in silence.
You've failed a math test, and
your parents yell at you about responsibility.
They yell at you and your careless mistakes, your sheer stupidity
They offer no encouragement,
No love, whatsoever,
Just hated words.
You've burned your face, scarred it permanently.
Your friends offer words of kindness and apology, but
they're laughing, when your back is
They mock you like you're just some burned thing.
You've attempted suicide and almost succeeded.
Disappointment filled you when you realized that
You weren't lying on some clouds of Heaven,
but rather,
just a who-knows-how-old stained hospital bed.
But yeah, you know,
You'll get over it.
Human memories don't last long, see.
You'll get over it.

A//N:: Please note, this piece doesn't necessarily portray MY life, nor anyone else's.