you would be aphrodite
(so beautiful)
you would be athena
(so clever)
and i would be artemis
(so strong)
we would all embody what we most want
to be.
we would all finally have reached
our ultimate goals.
each of us would be able to do
what we wanted.
so in a perfect world,
how about we'll be the goddesses
and leave
all the hard work
to the mortals?
how about we dance through our paradise
and go back to
before everything changed?
i will do anything for you two,
you know that, right?
you know how much i adore you both?
and underneath,
you know we all
want to be as close as we were
that night
taking trillions of crazy pictures
doing each other's nails
being so perfect
and gloriously
i just wish
we could live in our perfect world now
instead of having to wait
instead of having to go through
so many heartbreaks
and trauma's.
i want to kidnap you both
and take you to the top of our world
and give you your own personal clouds
to sit on.
we wouldn't need maps
or compasses
or anything at all
because we made this world, didn't we?
our hands molding the beds of the seas
and carving the mountain tips
to fine points.
we were the ones who locked the tree's roots
into the ground.
and doesn't it feel good?
to be the only one who knows everything?
yeah, i thought you'd like it here.
let's take down the
wet paint
and show it off a little, shall we?