Pain… Pain lets you know you're alive.

But after a time the pain starts to fade and so do you. Oh, your body may not die; it may live on as a broken, hollowed out shell, but your soul, that's a whole 'nother story.

And my soul…huh, what soul?

If I did have a soul it would be as black and bloody as the bodies of the people whose lives I so easily snub out. What will it mean when I feel the pain no more? I fear nothing.

Bring it on. I'd rather have it than not. To feel something, anything, even if it's just the ache as my blood bleeds onto the ground, making the grass grow. At least it would be something…

It stopped. The metal balls slithered to a halt. I wanted to move my shoulders to relieve some of the stiffness in them from being chained above my head for so long but I couldn't, they hadn't unlocked me yet. I could've torn through normal metals but this shit was something special. The runes engraved into them bound me down so tight I was as weak as any mundanian.

Warm blood oozed out of me, down my back, across my butt and legs to finally pool on the floor at my feet. How I wished I could make them bleed the same. Thankfully I didn't scar so readily anymore, it would take something very interesting to leave its mark on my body now.

My wrists burned from the power of the shackles, I wished the fuckers would just leave. But no, they had to punish me completely, in there eyes I had disobeyed a direct order, in mine I'd saved my own ass and them a whole lot of trouble, besides, dead or alive the problem was solved…right?

"You through getting your rocks off yet or you gonna have another go at it mate?" I shoulda kept my mouth shut but then again, when did I ever keep my mouth shut when I was supposed too?

The blow was quick. I felt my ribs cave in against the power of the fist trying to punch its way through me, damn it all to hell… I'd be pissing blood. Why are the stupid ones always strong?

"Sometimes I wonder if you're more trouble than worth, I think mother is a fool for keeping you." Her words were nasally, grating on the brain.

The tall wispy teenage blonde was my quote unquote sister, yeah right, if that bitch was my sister I'd love to meet some of my enemies. I met her eyes holding them for a moment. Who would win, who would flinch.

The girl blinked as she took a slight step back catching herself in mid movement she stopped but didn't come any closer.

"Leave Katie alone, you animal." First Barbie now Ken? Who's next, chucky? Oh only if I wished.

"Do you know how lucky you are that our mother is so merciful?" I looked at Bobby mildly. He was a male replica of his 'baby' sister.

"No, Bobby dearest, why don't you enlighten me?" I balled my hands up into fists, if only I could break the chains, if I could get my hands around their scrawny necks for just a moment it would all be over for them. There deaths would feel so good.

Stalking over to me the blonde haired boy demon hissed.

"If it wasn't for my mother we'd torture you to death." I shook my head at his pitiful words.

"No Bobby boy, you'd try to torture me to death. Trying and doing are two very different things." He smacked me hard in the face, twisting my head to the side. Ah. The sweet stinging pain.

The anger that coursed through my body was immediate but imperceptible. I could never let them see my anger when they caused me pain, that'd just make matters worse. No, I had to let them think I was dead inside. One day I'd make my escape, and then they'd all pay.

"Bring it here." Katie spoke to someone just out of my train of sight.

A syringe full of blue black liquid came into view. The syringe was almost full. I remembered when they only need to give me a fraction of that dose. My resistance was getting worse; soon they'd be out of options. They'd either kill me off on purpose or accidentally cause me to OD. If I didn't get lose, either way, I was as good as dead.

I fought hard against her grip as she grabbed a hold of my thigh, preparing to stick the needle in my vein. Even chained up and as weak as I was it still took both of them to pin me down and stick that needle in me.

Damn. I felt the potion sear through my system. I bit the inside of my cheek, hard. I wouldn't give them the pleasure of seeing me scream. There was already a good bit of scar tissue there from this everyday occurrence.

All my strength and power was burnt away. They undid the chains. They were no longer necessary. I slid slowly to the floor.

"Humph. Serves the wench right, thinks she's better than us just because of what she is…" Katie bitched as she knelt down next to me. Gingerly she lifted my arm into the air, holding it by the wrist as if it might burn her. "How much more of this do you think your body can take? How much more before your heart grows too weak to beat, your lungs to weak to breath? How much more before I am rid of you?"

I tried hard to speak, to curse her, to spit at her, but for all my efforts all I was able to do was lift my head and look into her eyes. What ever she saw there stopped her in her tracks, holding her with baited breath. I tried to show her with eyes that her death would be by my hands and no one else's, it was a promise.

No longer able to keep my head up I slumped down, she dropped my arm and only their foot steps told me I was finally alone. It took me a moment to realize that I was lying in a pool of my own cooling blood.

It seemed like forever before I was able to move, urging my body forward I grasped the wall, using it as an anchor I clawed my way up off the floor.

Leaning against the wall it took a huge chunk of my will to control my breathing and not puke at the same time. This drug was indeed, slowly killing me.

They kept me drugged constantly, lower doses when I was on a mission and training but if they felt the dose they gave me to be too small they had this neat little trick, a set of manacles that could be activated from any distance, if I so much as tried to remove them or they caught wind that I was trying to run they'd activate them and I was done, as weak as a kitten, to be retrieved moments later.

My heart hurt. Clutching my chest I bit back another scream as the cramp like pain invaded me.

It would pass, it always did. But I had a good feeling, one of these days I wouldn't be getting back up after they pumped me full of enough poison to kill an elephant.

They were afraid of me, understandably so, if I got lose they were going to be dead. It was there own fault though, they made me what I was, I think.

In truth I didn't remember my past. I just remembered waking up to my own personal hell who knows how long ago and told if I wanted to live to do as I was told. They claimed I was part of there family and thusly it was my duty to help them…fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you looked at it, I wasn't an idiot.

So this was my fate.

Yeah, well fate can go to hell, I'd decide my own destiny and it wasn't going to include kicking the bucket in a shit hole, hell.