Hey there, Ms. Novocaine
Fancy seeing you 'round here again
It's been so long since I've been numb
But just for you, now, let's have a little fun
I'm willing to give it a try tonight

If it means I can hurt you until you feel again
I'll inject a whole bottle of your chemical lie

You slip your poison in carefully when no one watches
In bathrooms, crying alone and pitying yourself
Covering up lies and pain with foundation and lip gloss
Smearing away the truth with sweet little lies and eye shadow
It's hard, sometimes, to tell if you wear your toxin
Or if it wears you

I see how the numbness spreads out all around you
Etching numbness into all those you touch
Your personal plague, tailor made
Perfected through careful study
And fastidious attention to denial

Oh, Ms. Morphine,
Every time you enter the room
Your stage comes into view
Oh how the actors love you
Why, I'll never know
You whine your lines as only you can

And in the I.V. goes again
Blinding numbness seeps into the air
My lungs feel like they're being eaten alive
The air makes me cough like a terminal patient
Coughing up thick red hate, as your poison slips in
It's so hard to breathe around you

I don't know why you bother
I guess you grew around your toxin
Like a brain grown around a malignant cyst
It must have been hard work,
Making sure to keep the chemicals clear
Of the little parts of you still feeling
The little parts you indulgently keep from numbing

One day you'll realize the farce
The horrible lie behind it all
That instead of keeping the pain away
You've just been numbing your humanity
And the only part of you that has been feeling
Is the tumor that has grown around your numb soul.