"So Casey," Jaackson began, jumping down from his place on the ledge to land with a dull thump on the wooden bridge. "What's your story?"

Casey looked at him, confused. "What do you mean?"

He gave her a look, like 'what do you mean, what do I mean? "Well, I run into you, well no actually, you run into me in a park, and you're being stalked by some crazy bitch…there must be a story there, right?"

She smiled. "Not really. The usual stuff – I start hanging out with the wrong crowd and try to leave, losing my friends and any status I may have had. Nothing interesting."

He collapsed next to her, squinting into the sky. "Losing all your friends is pretty harsh. You ok with it?"

She looked at him like he was crazy. How could anyone be fine when the people who promised to be there for them up and left?

He smiled, reading her look well. "Yeah, I see your point. How long's it been? Since they left?"

"About five weeks and two days, not counting the days leading up to it…" Casey paused, lost in reverie. "Not that I'm counting" she added with a smile.

Jaackson hesitated before he spoke next, taking time to form his sentence.

"Do you miss them?"

Casey sighed, leaning back into the fence, thinking. "Sometimes I do, but then I remember all the shit I went through leading up to it. It seemed inevitable, and pretty much a relief when it happened…"

Jaackson nodded. "It's better to actually know where you stand, rather than be living in the fear of the unknown..."

She waited; the way he spoke sounded like he had something else to say, but the empty air of his silence said otherwise. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and noticed that he was clutching his left arm. Not in a way that was out of the ordinary, but the way he stared wistfully into the distance like he was wishing for more confused her.

He caught her watching him and smiled, brushing his hand down his arm almost absently and murmured something she couldn't hear.


He looked at her shaking his head. "I didn't say anything…"

She knew he had but didn't press the point. He'd tell her if he wanted her to know.

"So what's your story Jaackson?" She asked, mimicking his nonchalant tone.

"What do you mean?" he teased back, imitating her confused look.

She laughed. "You know what I mean – I run into you in a park where you've been spending your days, rather than at school like the rest of us…there must be a story there,"

He grinned. "Touché, " he paused, thinking for a moment. "My story's the same as yours…kinda. Not really. At all…"

Casey snorted. "Come on, don't be a loser."

He feigned hurt. "Me? A loser? Never!"

"Stop changing the subject,"

"Ok ok. My story? I decided that I was sick of wasting my life in school, learning things that I'd never use in my real life. And I can tell you honestly, since I left 6 months ago, I haven't had to use long division once"

Casey laughed again, her stomach muscles hurting from overuse. After a moment, he looked at her.

"You know what would be really fun right now?" he asked her.

"No, what would be really fun right now?" She replied, mimicking his serious tone.

"A trolley." He grinned at her confused face. "No, I'm serious; a shopping trolley would be the funnest."

"Right Jaackson," Casey replied skeptically.

Without warning, he stood up and took her hand. "Come on, you'll see,"

She sighed and allowed herself to be pulled behind him, until the reached the nearest shopping mall. Or, the nearest shopping mall's car park. He took her to the top floor, which was empty apart from a few cars close to the entrance, and numerous shopping trolleys scattered around.

"Now," he told her, mock seriousness in his voice. "Pick one."

She looked at him, confused. "They're all exactly the same," he shook his head and she sighed, pointed to the nearest one and said 'that one'. He wandered over to it and pushed it towards her. She looked at him, then at the trolley and then back at him. It clicked.

"There is no way, no way in hell that I am getting into that trolley," she told him. But, of course, a few minutes later she found herself holding onto the edges of the trolley screaming as Jaackson pushed her like a madman around the empty car park. And again, she forgot her life, her problems and lost herself her with him.

Authors Note: OMG a million billion zillion apologies about how long this one has taken to get up. And I know its a pretty useless chapter but I am REALLY sorry. I actually had a whole chapter written but the only reason I didnt update it was coz it was worse than this one, so today i got home and rewrote it. I hope its ok. I know shouldve rewritten sooner, but the only reason for that is that theres been a lot of shit going on for me (my one-shot Is This What We've Been Waiting For is pretty much a recont of how i spent my weekend) so yeah. pathetic excuse but the only one i have. Also, this chap is for you KatieTheWriter coz you actually sent me a message. So yeah. I hope you liked. :D