the voices keep returning, but i know they're all my own.
i just haven't figured out how to block them out yet
(you never will, maybe someday, ha! in your dreams)

all i can do know is write, let out the words
who cares what they stand for. i guess this means i'm crazy
(oh you wish this was crazy, this is beyond crazy, you don't know the first thing about crazy)

so i guess i'll just write and write and
use the words to make sense of the medical catastrophe that is me
(call in the doctor, she's losing brain cells by the minute)

do you happen to know where i could find a
place to lock up these problems? too many, too many…
(those aren't real problems, you're gunna die here, get the fuck over yourself)

tell me, tell me
which one do i listen to now?
(fuck you, they all scream in harmony)