Merin...Merin...Merin...Is that me? Is that who I am? It couldn't be could it? My name's dork, or geek, or no power...I'm just who I am, no-one seems to respect that...Although, I guess in this day and age with our new modern and powerful airships, people are getting more and more...disrespectful...especially teenagers...And even more so the teens at Libra's school for young attackers...You may have heard of it...I didn't when I arrived...Although I did live in a remote place...All the education on fighting I got was from the village elder. So it wasn't so great...Bu-t I guess that's another story...

I'm a Spirit Warrior. YES! A Spirit Warrior...Don't ask me to show you some sort of magikal summoning of some Spirit that only you think exists, or maybe hasn't even been seen for THOUSANDS of years and really only exists in fairy tales...I'm NOT powerful, my parent's spent so much money sending me here, they couldn't afford to send me on a pilgrimage to discover the rest of the Spirit's...

The school doesn't have many facilities for a Spirit Warrior. They haven't had one for...Well...never really...I'm the first! The only class I'm good at is, Magikal Education...But that's only because the village elder taught me that learning all the magiks is a quicker and more efficient way to be in contact with your Spirit. It also makes them your friend. Not your fighting partner.

I'm not smart, I'm not dumb. And I'm not powerful. I'm just Merin. But enough about me...Although I guess that's why I'm writing this...Huh...My story is about me, and my pilgrimage. So it wouldn't be too exciting. Although some readers might think so!

At the moment I'm typing at my second home on Earth, I've only just recently discovered it! Earth's a weird place, it's high in teknology...And I'm using this 'Internet' website called 'FictionPress'.

To be honest I have no idea, what the Internet, or the 'Website' is! If you wanna see what I look like, someone's drawn me!

If yer wondering, I'm NOT Earthbound...I come from an almost identical planet called Grella! It's about 100 billion light years away...So I don't think it can be seen by even Earth's teknology! But I'm told that they're not very high tek...And the weird thing about this planet, is that I CAN'T use the magik that I can use on Grella!

So no-one believes me about being from a magik planet...or being on another planet altogether! I've been planning on a way to get back to Grella, the portal closed. MAGIK portal. So that's why I'm here. I found a portal in the most southern part of the N.O.O.P. Training Grounds. Err...But I've had enough of my long rant...I think I'll start the frikking story...

I think I should really start it with me being in the school for 2 months. Lunch time's about to end and I'm hanging around with a friend from my Magik Class. And my next period is about start, P.E.

I began heading down to class as soon as Madam Granger rang the bell with Shockata. A level three magik spell. Sending a jolt of electricity through all of the student's sitting within the main hall, and creating most of the female students to obtain an afro. And beginning another scream.

I headed down to the P.E. Hall which is bigger than the main hall. For one reason. One pretty simple reason. Student's taking the class usually get knocked 500 ft up. So it's about as high as the Cruting Tower, and by that I mean it's REALLY high.

I sat down in between two Knight's hoping that I wouldn't be called out. Being a Spirit Warrior, I come from the defensive class, (Light Magikian) but since become a Spirit Warrior I become more of an attacking class because of the Spirit's. But as you know, I only have one!

Yeah, whatever. Master Jonathon wanted to give another example of a battle. So he chose a level 2.5k Black Belt to fight against ME!

Master Jonathon hated me. Because he thought that I did nothing. He though that I was just a N.O.O.P. Because N.O.O.P.'s and Spirit Warrior (Normal) wear the same amount of clothing. Which was just normal.

I stood up with my pole in hand and a Spirit shard circling. I'm the only pupil in the school that can see Spirit Shards. Seeing as though I'm the only Spirit Warrior.

I walked to the middle of the large circle and begun a fighting position. And then began to wonder how much of a beating I would get. Seeing as though I thought he was much stronger than me, because my level had never been tested. Or my Spirit's level. (Freylair my favorite!) But I did have a rough idea what it was. Before I left South Inn, the village elder tested my level, and Freylair's, he found out it was VERY high from what it should be. I've been counting ever since then.

Black Belt's are attacking class, and a fourth level class. While I'm only a third level. The guy was called Rodraan after a dragon Spirit. He was a Begong that had recently trained in Portaceela. He loves it in Libra because he has shorter fur than other Begong's so he cant stand the cold.

"Start the battle!" Master Jonathon yelled and Rodraan bowed to me and waited for me to do the first move. Like a respectful Begong would do. Well whoever they thought was weaker than them.

"Err..." I held my pole to the side. "SPIRIT OF HEALING!" The symbol of healing appeared underneath me as I awaited for my white tiger friend to appear. I lifted my pole to the sky and waited for the symbol to shatter and lift further surrounding me. I pushed up once more and Freylair jumped out of the symbol. "FREYLAIR!" I liked making big appearances like that.

I made my first move and Rodraan launched himself for me with a Rocket Punch. Luckily I had enough evasion for me to avoid it. I heard a gasp from the circle and Master Jonathon cringe with un-enjoyment. He just wanted me to be hurt.

"Auto Attack!" I commanded Freylair to attack in anyway he wished. And he wished to use a combination of strong attacking moves, which Rodraan found hard to block at most times.

After, from what I thought was a good beating, Rodraan fell to the floor in exhaustion and maybe lack of HP, but either way I beat him. It may have been Freylair, but I still get half the EXP from winning!

Yeah, well anyway. I beat him, he fell, and a massive silence fell across the audience. I just beat a level 2500, Begong Black Belt. Well I wasn't too surprised. I looked around at the crowd as they all stared awestruck.

Without me realizing Rodraan stood up and clapped. This shocked me. Rodraan was the most popular person in the school, mainly because of all the girls liking him. But he never says a thing, he don't know Grellan. Which is basically english...BUT THERE! It just didn't make sense, I had one friend out of the entire school.

As it would happen the rest of the audience clapped, starting with Rodraan's girlfriend. I liked Rei. She was nice, to everyone. Including me. I don't fancy her or anything, Freena's don't attract me.

Er, yeah, she's a magik class, which is unusual for a Freena. Grey Magikian. But not from a Marksman, from a Dark Magikian. So she's just in the midst of learning healing spells. An arrow user, because of the fact of herself being from a Marksman kind of class.

Yeah but anyway! The group was clapping, all but Master Jonathon. He was pouting. He didn't want me to win, but by this point it was obvious. I looked directly at him, folded my arms and smiled. Just think that I showed him!

"Merin?" Rodraan stepped up to me, "How you...How you beat me?" he whispered.

I was amazed about this, he had never said a thing the entire time he had been at school! I don't even think he spoke at home. He was one of those strong and silent type. Until he speaks of course...

"Er...Do-Don't tell anyone...B-but...Freylair's level 6000...I'm level 4000..." I mumbled.

Rodraan gave a small smile, "You no say I speak, I no tell of level. Deal?" we then shook on it. I think at that point me and Rodraan became friends.

"How did you beat him, Merin?" my friend was busting to know.

I didn't want to have anyone else knowing about my level, so I just shrugged and said I dunno. He believed me, and we all walked away.

A bit later I was in magik class answering my usual questions while everyone else were completely stunned by how I was answering them so quick that they didn't even have a chance to even put their hand up. It's even the top class for magik.

After the lesson finished Madam Granger called me over to talk with her. She asked me what I did during my Physical Education lesson. All I said was that I had no idea. She asked me again and I said that I beat him.

She still wouldn't believe me, so I told her the truth. This time she did believe me, but she sent me to the principals office. Which terrified me. I'd never been to the principal before, so I had no idea what to expect...

Upon entering he seemed like a pretty nice person. He didn't yell at me for beating Rodraan, but now that I think of it, it would seem stupid. The school encourages strength. Especially in Vulgar/Guardian class'...

"I didn't know of your level, Merin!" the principal laughed.

"Er, yeah...I guess I'm a higher level than I thought..." I looked at my folded hands.

"Don't worry, Merin! You're not in trouble! I just wished we would have known sooner! If I knew that you were a Spirit Warrior! Then I would have been happy to give you different classes!" he seemed strangely happy, "For what not many people know..." he sat forward, "I myself am a Spirit Warrior! Well to be fair, I'm a Light Warrior!"

I looked up at this point, "Does that mean that you chose Yetgonzu over Shecongetzu?"

"Yes! I would like to ask you a question! What is your level?"

I covered my mouth then muffled.

"Mine is low for most pupils at the school...? I'm only level 1.5k!" the principal sat back, "Will you tell me yours?"

"3000..." I jostled backwards, shrugging like it were nothing.

"That's higher than most of our teachers! Certainly Master Jonathon at least!" this made me smile, I was happy to be higher than my evil Physical Education teacher.

"Is there any other reason you invited me up here?" I decided to give a good question.

"I would like to have a Spirit Battle with you! We have a special arena for this kind of occasion!" after this sentence had been spoken he led me outside to the magik firing courts. He ordered the area to be cleared of target boards and awaited for the spectators to leave the pitch and watch from the outside of the grating.

"This will be a one spirit battle. Whoever can beat their opponents Spirit before the opponent beats their's wins." he flung his right arm to the sky. "SPIRIT OF LIGHT!" the sign of Yetgonzu appeared under his feet.

A shadow of pure light appeared behind him. It then stepped up closer to the Warrior and passed directly through him. It was like I was seeing double. I had seen Shecongetzu being summoned, put not Yetgonzu. It was completely different, but yet exactly the same. If you know what I mean.

"YETGONZU!" I thought at this point that all Spirit Warrior's liked to give a big introduction.

"Well then..." I took a step back, "SPIRIT OF HEALING!" I withdrew my weapon, and waited for the symbol to appear. Like usual I pushed my hand up, and then again. This called Freylair, and started our fighting stance.

"Freylair? Is that your Spirit of your choice? You will not be able to choose anything else! I will go easy on you..." he bowed.

"BE CAREFUL! Freylair's powerful!" one of the students placed nearby screamed.

"No. Don't go easy on me..." I smiled with Freylair still prepared to fight.

"LIGHT FLARE!" you can expect what would happen.

"DODGE!" we both jumped out the way in different directions. I began taunting Yetgonzu. I knew that the principal wasn't powerful enough.

I allowed him to attack Freylair a few times, which proved little damage. I was very happy about this, Freylair was continuously telling me of how easy this battle is and how he should just end it now. But I told him over and over that he should LEAVE it, and just to heal himself and make sure to equip both of us with Auto-Revive.

I was getting bored of avoiding Yetgonzu's continual attacks and decided to use something that was practiced but never used in action.

"FREYLAIR!" I had to yell a lot seeing as though Yetgonzu's teknik's were loud, "USE TRIPLE HALO!"

I know, it sounds WAY far fetched, but Triple Halo really does exist! It's like Halo, but it just does three times as much damage. Freylair learns Double Halo before Triple.

Everyone was skeptical about the move, thinking that it wouldn't exist and I was just making up stuff to scare opponents. We all know what Halo looks like, most of the teachers in the Libra School know what Halo is.

Oh, and if you haven't noticed yet, things I leave unexplained are left to the imagination.

Yetgonzu was knocked down only after one hit from the Halo's. I laughed slightly at this. Yetgonzu is supposed to be the most strongest Spirit out there, but compared to Freylair, it's not very good.

Yetgonzu fell and dissolved and everyone seemed disappointed. But the biggest reaction I got was, 'How did he do that?' The principal asked the exact same thing. I just shrugged. Most people didn't know my level, and I didn't want them to know it...

"How did you beat me with just Freylair?" he stood up, "With just Freylair! I've never even heard of that move! 'Triple Halo' was it? I've never even heard of double! It's like that's your only Spirit!"

"Erm..." I looked to my feet and dismissed Freylair.

"You only have one Spirit?" I looked at my only Spirit Shard.

"Only one?!" a big reaction echoed over the spectators.

"My parent's couldn't afford to send me on a Pilgrimage because of sending me here..." I mumbled.

"Then we'll send you on one straight away! Completely payed for by the school!" the principal commanded.

"What?" I stepped up to him, this really made me wonder, how could it be payed for by the school! I knew they made a lot of money, but...

"You just have to pick a Guardian! To protect you!"

"Yeah, I know what a Guardian is...I pick Rodraan..." I could see Rodraan's reaction in the corner of my eye. And another large reaction from the rest of the spectators.