Author's Notes: not for the faint of heart or low of libido.


Vynn couldn't remember when he'd gotten to the concert, or even how. All that he knew was the music, the writhe of bodies offstage and on and feeling not quite sober. He'd had obtained some furry thing from some androgynous person who'd had fun with their tongue in his mouth at one point and had completely forgotten to take it back. It was currently tied over his shoulders over the white tee he'd worn to Wrist Broken's concert. Who needed to dress up with people like THAT onstage? He threw himself into the seething mass of the mosh pit and let himself get carried away.

The lights were dancing faster than the crowd even was. The band onstage was electric, sexual and highly entertaining.

Delaney had to admit he was having an above average time at this show. The best part was that he had scammed his way in.

So the ticket-taker wasn't the best-looking guy; he still let Delaney in after just a few smoldering looks and flattering words. He'd placed his ass up for view and acted a little more camp than usual, and he was in like Flynn. No problem there.

The mosh pit was alive tonight, bodies of various states of undress flinging themselves around, letting Delaney paw them wherever he felt it was necessary. He was never one to get into the pit, but you could always find him at the edge of one, helping shove people back into the chaos.

It was only when he felt something inexplicably soft against his palm did he actually look at the body he was throwing back into the pit. Thin, angular, sexy as all hell and reeking of boyslut, Delaney caught just a hint of his face before he was lost in the crowd again. His eyes searched frantically

Vynn had been thrown into something tasty. Green-blue eyes lasered into his head, the only thing that wasn't dark and kohl-smudged about that other boy. He might have stopped had the pit not kept going, sucking him back into that human vortex. He was more than happy to be sucked back in, rubbing up against and into all manner of people, occasionally lifting his head toward the stage like a drowning man towards air, only to see the bassist and lead singer fake-fellating onstage, a little edge to stoke his lust as he was once again shoved round in the washing machine movement of the pit. Fuck he was horny.

The press of flesh was dizzying, Delaney thought, as he tried to search out the crowd for that little bit of fluff and sex he had only just glimpsed. Abandoning his post, he circled the floor as much as he could manage, heading in the general direction of where he had seen the boy being pulled in last. He kept catching flashes of what he thought were him; arms, legs, black, and hair, but all were fruitless.

Fate itself was probably in the mood to watch a bit of gay porn. It arranged it so that Vynn was spat out of the mosh pit almost directly onto Delaney's feet. Vynn fell over his own boots and ended up with his head on the floor, his arms immediately coming up to protect his head from being smushed into bloody skull paste on the floor before he could lever himself up.

Delaney stopped his scanning of the crowd when someone just missed barreling into him. He glanced down and immediately bent to help the person up, out of habit and proper pit etiquette, and was shocked to find the very boy he was looking for. "You!" he said, astonished.

"Me!" Vynn said back, smiling like someone who'd just committed the perfect crime as he got up off the floor with Delaney's help. He swayed a bit on his feet, giggling. "Good show." He said, leaning into to speak into Delaney's ear so he could be heard. Okay, but his hand didn't REALLY have to perch on Delaney's hip for him to do that.

Delaney smiled inwardly at the hand on his hip and returned the favor. "Very good show," he agreed, looking up just in time to catch EJ leaning over to lick Rune's neck as he launched into a particularly seductive verse. "That lead singer is fucking sexy," he added, his eyes darkening as he flicked them back down to Vynn. Or rather, back down to the fluttery pulse in his neck. Damn, but he wanted to enact what was going on onstage with this boy.. and take it even further.

"Yeah, he's not the only sexy guy in this place," Vynn said back, staring back at Delaney intently, moving his hips absently to the seduction in the music, seeing the other boy's gaze on his neck and tilting his head to the side, inviting him without words to push on with what he hoped he wanted.

Delaney's smile dropped into a smoky, seductive look as his grip on the boy's hip became more firm, and he pressed them together, moving to Vynn's rhythm. "What's your name, beautiful?" he whispered into his ear before he bent and nuzzled his nose against that threading pulse.

"Well..." Vynn said, his eyes sliding closed as he pushed back against Delaney. "Everyone calls me Vynn. But you can call me whatever you like." Cliché, but honest, Vynn smiled mockingly at himself and then licked his lips in anticipation.

Delaney resisted the urge to smirk and instead busied his lips by catching that distracting pulse between them, sucking on honeysuckle skin. His hands slid up those narrow, narrow hips to skin just under the oddly immaculate white shirt, tips just ghosting across slightly sweaty skin. "Vynn," he finally tried as he raised his head, watching the hickey darken on his neck with a satisfied air. "Well, Vynn, just so you know, you're mine now."

As Delaney sucked at his neck Vynn moaned, inaudible in the music, but surely Delaney could feel it under his mouth. He moved his hips in shallow thrusts against Delaney as the other boy sucked on his neck, sliding his thumbs into the other boys waistband, looking back at him with dazed smack-blue eyes. He smiled in a smirk at Delaney's words. "Yours?" he questioned. "You sure, baby? I'm everyone's."

Delaney's gaze turned dangerous, and he slid around until he was behind Vynn. Placing possessive hands on Vynn's hips, hooking his belt loops, Delaney tugged him against his body. "Not anymore," he said seductively, straight into Vynn's ear, his fingers turning in to claw at the fabric of his pants, right at his crotch.

Vynn tilted his head right back onto Delaney's shoulder and whimpered hotly, shoving his hips helplessly into Delaney's hand. "Who're you to tell me who I can't sleep with?" he asked though, his voice low and broken with desire but edgy.

Instead of a verbal answer, Delaney just ran one hand up Vynn's front until he found one perfectly erect nipple and rubbed it teasingly through the shirt, taking one of the strings of the thing attached to him and using it as an impromptu torturing device. He ran the string over and across the one nipple, making it peak more, as his teeth just scraped along the skin directly under Vynn's ear. "Sure you want THIS to stop?"

Vynn's knees wobbled and he leant harder into Delaney, panting open mouthed and hard and unashamed in the view of the crowd, biting the corner of his bottom lip and looking almost in pain at the feelings Delaney was stirring in him. "No," he said, turning his head to speak to the dark boy behind him. "No, I wanna go all the way with you... but I wanna go all the way with other people. With everyone. You good enough to not make me want that?"

"I am," Delaney said confidently, one hand coming up to brush knuckles across Vynn's lips, the other still happily working between Vynn's legs. "And I want to go all the way with you, beautiful... but I gotta be it. You want me, then you want only me. You still want someone else or everyone else, then we part ways now and I'll never touch," he paused at this, his hand slipping under Vynn's pants and gripping him, hot and hard, in his palm, "you again. Your decision, baby."

Vynn's back arched and he made a short sharp moany noise, spreading his legs a little, helpless under the touch. "How will you know I'll never have sex again?" he asked still, his mind practically made up anyway.

"Because..." Delaney breathed into his ear, barely audible due to the pounding music, "you're mine, and we both know it."

Vynn's eyes closed again and he swallowed hard and was gone. He nodded, submissive, completely Delaney's from then on, going resistanceless in the other boy's grasp. "Okay," he said. "Okay. Take me."

Delaney's look of triumph was frightening to say the least. He pulled Vynn back, bending his neck forcefully as he fiercely kissed him. "To the bathroom, the one toward the sound booth. Go." And he released him.

Vynn momentarily wondered if Delaney was going to kill him when he bent his neck back, and though he knew he wouldn't, the idea made him harder than before. He nodded as he was released, just taking a second to catch his breath and right himself before making his way like a snake through the crowd, slipping through the heavy door of the bathroom and waiting for his still unnamed dominator to come and 'get' him.

Delaney watched Vynn leave without a backward glance, going obediently where he told him to, and smiled. He licked his bottom lip, tasting the salt of Vynn's skin, and glanced back up at the stage. He watched the bassist lick his finger then run it down to his crotch, a look of pure debauchery on his face, and decided he'd give Vynn some time before he fetched him. Wanted the blood to simmer.

Vynn waited for Delaney, leaning against the cold white tile wall and waiting. He was so hot, so turned on by what was coming, and the longer he waited, the more turned on and wound up he became. It was like Delaney was showing Vynn just how much more than Delaney Vynn needed this, and the complete lack of regard for him turned him on, guilt and disgust at himself mixed in with it. He slid a little down the wall, moving hands down himself, closing his eyes once more and sliding a hand up under his shirt to feel himself up as he waited for his dark haired, darkly dressed lover.

Like lace-stormed darkness under heaven's brightest glow, Delaney sifted through the crowd fifteen minutes later, halfway through Wrist Broken's set, and headed for where he knew Vynn would be.

The white of the bathroom was stark, the room surprisingly clean and clinical. The only spot of unwhite was leaning against the wall, looking like dessert actualized as he fondled his chest. Delaney just stood there for a moment, hands at his sides, watching with a feigned disinterested air.

Vynn was panting, his legs stood apart, whimpering softly as he had the fingers of his other hand as far up inside himself as he could get them, his fingers pinching his nipple hard. He cracked an eye as he heard the door swing, but couldn't move, the reality of being caught pleasuring himself making him sigh, high and desperate.

Delaney casually stalked over to Vynn, walking a semi-circle path until he was in front of him. "Vynn's mine," he sang under his breath along with the music that could be heard muffled overhead. "Hot, and beautiful, and mine, all mine." The lazy seductive look on his face dropped as he grabbed for Vynn's throat to tug him forward.

Vynn removed both hands as Delaney grabbed him, loving being pulled forward, not so gone that he couldn't find the time to be cheeky. "The only person who's touched me since you said that is me," he said, his chest heaving under Delaney's hand on his throat. "Only I own me."

Delaney's mouth curved itself into a semblance of a smile, but it held nothing normal smiles did. Dark, sexy, evil, dangerous. Lowering his eyes to take in all of Vynn and sliding them back up, Delaney said, "I don't have to touch you to know." He slid behind him anyway, his hands coming to rest on his hips.

Vynn leant back, moving his hips backwards into the cradle of Delaney's, reached back and down to squeeze Delaney's inner thigh. "You like it behind me, huh?" He asked softly. "You wanna do me from behind? Like boys fucking should? Hmm?" he asked, moving his hips sinuously, rubbing himself against Delaney's cock, his hand sliding up and down Delaney's thigh.

A growl sounded low in Delaney's throat, like a deep purr a great big cat would make. It most definitely wasn't one of disapproval. His grip on Vynn's hip became more owning, his nails digging into the material of his pants unforgivingly. "That sounds good," he purred out, head bent to scrape teeth along the sensitive area just under Vynn's ear. "That sounds really good; you bent over and taking me all in... you want it like that, baby? Pressed up against the wall as I pound into you as hard and fast as I can? Or do you like it slow and deep, baby, hmm?"

Vynn's eyes closed against the world and he sighed in a hybrid moan, leaning back on Delaney, still moving hot and heavy and whorish. He laid his head back on Delaney's shoulder as the other boy ate at his neck softly. "I want you to brutalise me," he said, his voice dropped to floor level. "I want you to hammer into me so hard I break bones... but you don't care... you're gonna fuck me however you want, aren't you?"

The hand gripping Vynn's hips moved to grip the other side of his neck instead, fingernails sinking into the meat between neck and shoulder quite prettily. Licking along Vynn's earlobe, Delaney smiled, a quick breathy laugh coming out before he replied, "Now you're getting to know me," before moving the fabric of Vynn's shirt to one side and kissing his other shoulder, his nails still sharp.

Vynn whimpered as Delaney clawed into his neck, his breathing pattering as Delaney went on and kissed at his shoulder, Vynn leaning back further, almost like he'd overbalance onto the other boy. "I know you..." he said, a little deliriously. "I dream you... you're the lover I try to make everyone else be."

Delaney smiled into the kiss, then released Vynn abruptly. "Strip," he commanded, leaning against the wall coolly.

Vynn teetered marginally as Delaney let him go, but stood back up and smiled back at the other boy. "Yessir," he said cheekily, before letting the fur.. thing.. slip off his shoulders to the dirty toilet floor, pulling the white tshirt up and over his head in a smooth, practised move. He ran his hands down his sides and across the v above his thighs to his low black jeans, flipping the button off before sliding out of them. He wasn't wearing underwear and shrugged. "I had some earlier this evening..." he said, grinning again.

Delaney watched with feigned disinterest, arms crossed, until Vynn's cheeky comment. A growling purr trickling out of his throat, he advanced on the smaller boy and palmed his neck where it met his shoulder, forcing it back a bit. "Is my pretty one soiled already? Who did you fuck, Little One?" he breathed along his throat.

Vynn closed his eyes and tipped his head back, submissive and puppet-like to all of Delaney's unspoken orders. He swallowed hard, his fingers twitching by his sides. "Four people," he breathed. "Four people tonight. Two at the same time."

"My little whore," Delaney growled angrily, though he was more turned on than anything. "Always spreading those beautiful asscheeks for someone, hmm?" He punctuated his statement by running one finger along the cleft of Vynn's buttocks. "Tell me about them, Vynn. Were they good? Did they fuck you how you liked?"

Vynn moaned so light and small that it was barely a sound at all. "The first one sucked. He was too small, I couldn't feel a thing... the next two double teamed me-" he brought himself back down enough to look back at Delaney. "-I'm not stretched out or anything. Believe me. The fourth one... the fourth one.." He shook at the memory. "He was nearly perfect... but not…"

As Vynn described them, Delaney's hands wandered as he once again paced around Vynn to press against his back, his erection obvious as it rubbed neatly between Vynn's asscheeks. His hands felt their way to Vynn's groin, stopping as they framed his package, then clawed their way up his abdomen to his waist. A bite to the back of Vynn's neck was Delaney's only answer, wanting more detail.

Vynn groaned loud. "Fuck..." he whispered, his body arching up onto his toes as Delaney dragged fingernails up his body, but he seemed to get the cue. "He did me right there..." he said, pointing to the floor near the large pipe radiator. "He fucked me into it, you might even be able to see the bruises back there... god it hurt. He slammed my head into the wall... he was so brutal with me, it was... god..." He writhed a little, moving his hips against Delaney as he remembered. "But he was too nice... too... he didn't speak to me, and when he did he was too nice… it was all play..."

"Brutal, huh?" Delaney whispered back like a smack to the face. "You like it rough? You could never be raped, could you, you little slut? You'd like it too much..." One hand wrapped possessively around Vynn's concaved stomach and drew back, nails leaving stinging trails of red in their wake.

Vynn leant back so hard into Delaney he thought the back of his skull would splinter. His whole body was tensing up as he moved his hips back into the other boy's moaning harder as Delaney scored his skin with his fingernails. "I need it rough," he said, almost a sob. "I want it..."

A soft kiss so out of place was pressed delicately to Vynn's throat, before Delaney sank his teeth into the thinly-fleshed column. "How bad?" he asked, demanded as he let go. "Beg me."

Vynn sighed, then drew in a sharp breath as Delany hot-and-cold treated his neck. Whether he got the wrong end of the stick he didn't know, but he didn't care, so he spoke anyway... "So bad... please... rape me..."

Like a badly-edited version of a Nirvana song, Delaney could hardly resist the breathy words. Pressing the front of Vynn's body against the cold white-painted concrete wall, Delaney covered it with his own, grabbing Vynn's wrists and pulling them behind his back. He tried one last tactic, though his pants were straining. "Why should I give you what you want? What makes you think you deserve it, hmm?"

"I deserve it cause I'm a filthy slut. I don't deserve it cause I'm a wanton whore. YOU deserve it cause you can treat me any fucking way you want and I'll scream for more," Vynn panted back, his cheek against the cold wall, teeth gritted against the blossoms of pain in his shoulders.

Delaney placed one hand on the back of Vynn's neck, pressing his face into the concrete. "What makes you think I even want a filthy little painslut such as yourself, huh?" he asked cruelly.

"Nothing..." Vynn said, awkwardly from where he felt bone grind skin against concrete. "Nothing makes me think you want me... but you can fuck me... anyone can fuck me... anyone who can fuck properly can fuck me."

"No!" Delaney took his hand away from Vynn's neck, flinging Vynn backward by his wrists onto the floor, not caring how he landed. "Not anyone, me. You're mine, you filthy little whore."

Vynn landed hard, not even attempting to break his fall, and gasping like someone had shoved something big in him when his hipbones and elbows hit the tiles hard. He knew he'd have huge glorious colours there later. "Yeah? Show me then," he said back, not getting up, but looking up at Delaney. "Show me and make everyone else know it before I go out and find someone else to put their dick to me."

Delaney's eyes flashed but his face remained cool and neutral, again with the small smile stretching his lips. Quickly he wrenched open his pants, deftly pulling at his belt and zipper, before letting his hands hang down at his sides again. "You still have a lotta work to do before I'll grace you with my cock and fuck you like you want," he said matter-of-fact. "Suck me, slut."

Vynn pushed himself up and crawled to Delaney, kneeling between his feet, hands on his own knees. He looked up at Delaney's cock, then further up to his face and licked his lips. "Make me?" he asked. It wasn't even false rebellion, but a proper plea.

Delaney gave Vynn a superior look, and smacked him across the mouth almost as an afterthought. "The only way I'm going to make you is by refusing to fuck you if you don't do as I say. Now pull it out and suck it."

Vynn licked at his sore mouth from the inside, and then did just as Delaney said, pulling the other boy's dick out and sucking it, once, from base to tip before smiling back at him and licking his lips, waiting.

Delaney frowned and pushed Vynn's head forward with a tug to his hair. "I didn't tell you to stop, now did I?"

Vynn moved his head forward. "You didn't tell me to continue, either," he pointed out.

Delaney's fist in Vynn's hair pulled him backward, and he leaned down to hiss in Vynn's face. "I don't appreciate the backtalk. Fucking suck my cock or get the hell out of here, but know that tonight, no one else will touch you. Do you really want that?"

Vynn shook his head as best as he could with Delaney's fist in it. "No... no, I wanna be touched..." he panted. "I wanna be fucked raw... lemme suck your cock... please? Please."

Delaney straightened, releasing his grip in Vynn's hair, and waited for him to continue like this was a normal, everyday activity.

Vynn leant in and kitten licked Delaney's dick in tiny little swipes, from the base to the tip, going back on himself often until he'd reached the head, at which point he suckled the tip in like he was trying to get something out of it, moving his hand slow and steady up and down the length not in his mouth.

Delaney watched for a while, impassive, but when Vynn sipped his cockhead like a straw he let his head fall back and moaned, one hand on the back of Vynn's neck like it was supposed to be there. He bucked his hips slightly, wanting more of himself inside.

Vynn wanted it to, moaning softly to himself when he heard Delaney, but not taking anymore in. He wanted it forced in his mouth.. and anyway. The bottom was always really the one who had the power. He wanted to see if Delaney could take it back.

Delaney's eyes shot open when his unspoken request was not met, and looked down at his insolent little cocksucker. He opened his mouth, at first to say something, but all that came out was a slightly choked, enraged cry as both hands planted themselves firmly on the back of Vynn's neck and forced him down.

One of Vynn's hands braced himself on the tile behind Delaney as he was yanked down, curling uselessly on the solid surface, the same way his hand on Delaney's thigh didn't save him from being choked by half Delaney's cock suddenly down his throat. It brought tears to his eyes, and he choked a little getting it down, schooling himself to breathe through his nose. God he thought he'd found the perfect lover.

Forcing a groan to the back of his throat (he didn't want Vynn to know too soon how good his mouth felt around him), Delaney said roughly, "Suck it or I'll make you. You have no choice; quit acting like you do."

Vynn made a whimper that sounded like 'oh fuck yes' but wasn't quite, and did as he was told, sucking Delaney's dick like he'd been raised on one, massing it with his tongue and using his fingers, curling them and stroking in the few minutes when his mouth wasn't all the way on the other boy's dick.

Delaney's mouth curled in a vicious smile as he watched his obedient lover, and bucked his hips to get himself all the way inside. "That's it," he goaded. "Just like a good little cocksucker..."

Vynn moved his head back and forth on Delaney, letting him fuck his mouth, concentrating on making a place for Delaney's cock that would make only one other place feel better, another place that Vynn hoped wouldn't be empty for long.

Feeling himself nearing the precipitous edge, Delaney grabbed the backs of Vynn's ears and pulled him off of himself, moving away. "Not yet..." he hissed out. "Soon though. But up," his voice turned commanding again. "I want you facing the wall, practically kissing it, your arms behind your back and your feet apart."

Vynn whimpered when Delaney pulled him off, the force needed, but jumped to comply to Delaney's orders, standing just as the other boy had said, his nose nearly touching the cold painted brick as he stood, his feet well apart, leaving himself open for anything coming.

Delaney observed Vynn once he got into position, pacing around him like some drill sergeant. He kicked his legs even wider, until Vynn could barely keep his balance. "Bend forward," he demanded in a harsh tone, lewd and completely lascivious. "I want to see you make out with that wall."

Vynn stumbled a bit when Delaney kicked him but righted himself. The way Delaney was scanning him made him feel like a bit of meat. Which, he thought, he was. When Delaney's order came across he moaned soft and leant into the wall, pushed against it, and licked up it broadly, bending his head down, then up. This was a first.

"Kiss it." Delaney was near, his words wafting across the side of Vynn's cheek as he whispered against his face, then nuzzled his neck, bending down to bite at a shoulder. "Pretend you love it."

Vynn made a soft little noise and nodded, kissing the hard flat ungiving surface hotly, like it was Delaney's cock again. He rubbed against it like a cat in heat and struggled to keep his hands behind his back.

As Vynn was preoccupied with the wall, doing just as he was told, Delaney circled around til he was directly behind Vynn. Loving the view from that angle, he placed both hands on Vynn's hips and rubbed along the flesh there in minute circles.

Vynn pushed his hips back into Delaney like he couldn't help it, which he couldn't. He turned his flushed cheek to the cold wet wall and rubbed up against it, moaning soft and low and constant.

Delaney's hand came down on Vynn's left buttcheek like a whip, the sound loud in the echoing room. "I didn't say you could do that!" he hissed, but kept their hips where they were, Delaney's cock nudging between Vynn's cheeks.

Vynn yelped high and jumped, shuddering when Delaney smacked him. He pushed back on Delaney's cock a little bit, unable to help himself. He wanted Delaney badly.

Delaney, already far past the brink of teasing, couldn't help how good Vynn's ass against the tip of his cock felt, and decided to stop teasing them both any longer. He drove inside without any preparation or more lubrication than Vynn's spit still on his cock.

Vynn bit his lip so hard he thought he felt blood, and he still squealed through it. He pushed himself back down against Delaney and his head hit the wall. "Oh fuck baby, fuck me..."

Delaney's hands on Vynn's hips had turned from a soft, curious caress into nail-digging clenching on either side as Delaney drove forward and back out. He sank back in again, his eyes closed tight, all the way inside until the zipper of his pants scratched against the delicately depraved, bruised flesh of Vynn's backside.

Vynn moaned loud and tilted his head back onto Delaney's shoulder, his hair limp and sticking already. "Harder, hurt me..." he begged roughly, grinding his hips back.

Delaney jerked Vynn back hard, hoping to make him lose his balance. "You don't get to call the shots, slut," he said heatedly through clenched teeth, "I'll fuck you however I want."

Vynn fell back, getting Delaney in him deeper as he slipped and leaning harder on the wall as he did. "Oh yeah, yes, please..." Vynn begged, nearly sobbing.

Delaney edged forward, pushing Vynn flush against the wall. "Hands over your head, palms to the wall." His voice was tight as he ordered.

Vynn whimpered and did so, his hands going white he pressed against the brick so hard.

Delaney leaned over, fully buried inside Vynn and unmoving. He caught Vynn's earlobe and bit it harshly, sucking it into his mouth before letting it go and whispering, "Tell me what those other guys did to you, Vynn. Tell me how they fucked you."

Vynn wailed quietly when Delaney bit his ear, then still tried to move his hips, moving tight against the wall. "My first guy's dick was too small. He seemed okay, he pulled all my clothes off and shoved me over the toilet seat, but his dick... all he did was leave bruises..." Vynn was getting harder. "The next two were mates... they came in and watched the first guy finish up on me, then just pried my mouth open so one guy could put his dick in. Then the other one opened me up a bit more when he did me, spitting me... then they did me at the same time..." Vynn sighed soft, rocking back against Delaney, trying to get him in more. "I was making so much noise I can't believe you didn't already know... and then... the third one... fuck..." He shuddered.

"Tell me about the third one," Delaney said quietly, his hands now massaging Vynn's hips again, his own rocking slightly back and forth, willing his body to keep itself in check and not explode right then and there.

Vynn was gasping softly, half-gone in what he was remembering. "He dragged me out of the toilet," he whimpered, "straight off onto the floor. Then he kicked me and dragged me onto the tiles and spat on me..." Vynn writhed slowly. "He picked me up and threw me against the radiator..." Vynn swallowed hard. "He rested my back on it then threw my legs up and hammered into me... it hurt so bad... he fucked me so good... my head cracked into the wall and when he came he shouted things at me... but he said sorry after," he said, sounding a little disappointed.

"God..." Delaney said breathlessly, his hips rocking more, but still almost in afterthought. "It must have been so good for you... little slut... you like it so rough..."

Vynn moaned harder. "Yes... so good... please... please make it better, please..."

Delaney shoved Vynn further into the wall, one hand snaking around to seal over his mouth. "No more talking," Delaney said angrily, his cock pulsing inside of Vynn. "You shut up and enjoy the fucking you are about to receive."

Keeping his hand over Vynn's mouth, Delaney allowed his other hand to hold Vynn by the small of his back to the wall as he drew out agonizingly slowly only to pound back in as hard and fast as he could; once, twice, three times, gaining speed with each thrust.

Vynn breathed heavy through Delaney's hand on his mouth, his moans muffled. As Delaney picked up speed he got more noisy moaning continuously as Delaney rammed into him angrily, pushing his hips back into Delaney on each ram in and wanting more, getting lightheaded from the suffocation.

Delaney could feel the pull of orgasm within his body, and slowed his pace down to an agonizing crawl, before pulling out completely. Without warning he grabbed Vynn by the back of his neck and flung him back down to the floor on his back, covering him with his own still-clothed body an instant later. He leaned over Vynn on one hand above his head, the other grabbing Vynn's chin and lifting it until their eyes met. He said nothing, his gaze intense.

Vynn's whimpers grew more desperate, his moves more disjointed as Delaney slowed down. He made a noise as he hit the floor suddenly, winded. When Delaney lay on top of him, staring back at him, he swallowed hard and shifted under his body, his eyes begging because he'd been told not to.

Delaney dipped his head down and kissed Vynn's pouty and swollen mouth softly, in great contrast to his hand as it slid down Vynn's chest until it found a nipple and twisted it harshly. "I am going to fuck you so good," he whispered against Vynn's lips.

Vynn breathed in sharp and arched his body up when Delaney abused his chest, keening into the kiss, which he opened for submissively.

Delaney's fingers let go of Vynn's nipple with one vicious twist before he raised his forearm and placed it against Vynn's soft, white throat. He sneered as he broke the kiss and pressed it against his windpipe, sealing it off partially. He drove himself between Vynn's cheeks and inside in one fluid motion, letting his weight between Vynn's thighs seat him fully.

Vynn made a sound like something crying and reached up to hold Delaney's arm, holding it firmly on if anything. He made a choked noise when Delaney's shoved back, but sighed, as much as was possible, at the feeling of being full again.

Delaney pulled back out, so dangerously close to coming, and drove back in. As he did, he pressed harder on Vynn's throat, totally cutting off his air.

Vynn fought to breathe but couldn't. He struggled a bit, not letting Delaney pull off, scared he wouldn't let go soon, scared that he would.

Delaney snarled, fucking harder, deeper, anything, letting go, wanting Vynn's legs around his waist but enjoying it all the same. He watched the purple color Vynn's face was turning and it was suddenly too much. Leaning up, Delaney jerked his arm away as he began coming, and pulled one fist back and hit Vynn hard in the face with it as he let out a back-bowing cry.

Vynn fought, thrashing as he couldn't breathe under Delaney's arm, but choking hard as Delaney fucked into him like an animal. He took one gasp of air until Delaney's fist smashed into his face, his head snapped back against the tile and his orgasm mugged him as hard as Delaney had just fucked him.

Delaney collapsed on top of Vynn, coughing, all of his strength having been behind that single blow--all that wasn't involved in fucking the boy silly, that is. He caught himself on the heels of his hands just in time to keep from crushing Vynn beneath him, but it was a task. His cock spasmed inside Vynn, filling him completely.

Vynn moaned softly, feeling his own cum between them and Delaney pulsing in him, and he exhaustedly reached his hand down to circle Delaney's cock in his ass, then licked his finger clean of Delaney's cum, sucking it afterwards.

It took several moments for Delaney to finally lift himself off of Vynn but when he did, he stood with his softening cock out, dripping cum down the front of his pants. "Clean it for me," he ordered after a moment of admiring Vynn sprawled out on the bathroom floor like he was, looking so pretty and beaten. His cheek looked rubbed, an angry red. Delaney knew it would bruise a gorgeous purple by the next day. He wished to see it.

Vynn curled up slow, groaning in pain, then got on his hands and knees and licked at Delaney's cock, taking it into his mouth and sucking it clean methodically, his own cum running off him stickily.

Delaney leaned his head back, eyes fluttering shut as the tiny licks of Vynn's tongue, moaning as his dick was sucked clean. "Now my shirt," he commanded, holding out the fabric covered in Vynn's own cum.

Vynn gave Delaney's cock a wet kiss and a final lick before he moved his mouth to his shirt, sucking at the fabric to get it clean, leaving it wet where his mouth had been. His face was aching, his head as well from the blow and the air deprivation and he was sore all over.

After Vynn licked everything off, with just the tiniest bit left on his lower lip, Delaney yanked him up and more split his face in two with his own tongue than kissed him. His hands gripped Vynn's forearms hard.

Vynn melted back against Delaney again, too soon after all that sex for him to get hard again, but he felt like he wanted to. He breathed hard, trying not to suffocate again on just the kiss, and kept his eyes closed, imprinting everything.

Delaney broke the kiss with a rough tug to the back of Vynn's hair, wrenching him back and turning away. He picked up Vynn's pants and threw them at him. "Get dressed, slut." He tucked himself back in.

Vynn caught the pants with a flinch as they hit him, then slowly got back into them, licking his lips all the time. He coughed as he zipped them up, his throat sore, and ran a hand through his hair, combing it with his fingers to get it to lie in some kind of order. The effort was a complete waste. He waited to see what Delaney would do now.

Delaney looked down pointedly at Vynn's messy stomach, and walked over. "You're still dirty," he said as he got down on his knees and looked up at Vynn, searching his face.

Vynn took a step back, looking at Delaney like he couldn't compute what he was doing. He rested a hand on his stomach, stroking his fingers on the cum still there. "I'm always dirty," he said back.

"You can't be dirty any longer," Delaney said cryptically, softly. He pulled Vynn's hand toward his mouth and sucked his fingers, without breaking eye contact.

Vynn tensed a bit, and his eyes slid shut for a second, but he opened them again and wiggled the tips of his fingers in Delaney's mouth. "I already am. How would you stop me?"

Delaney shook his head before standing up and backhanding Vynn across the face again. "I didn't say you could talk, did I?"

Vynn jumped back, immediately submissively dropping his eyes, and shaking his head in response to Delaney's words. He was very confused, but guessed the other boy was after another round.

Delaney dropped to his knees again and licked off Vynn's belly before pulling him down and shoving his tongue in his mouth. The command was unspoken.

Vynn dropped like his knees broke under him, and sucked and kissed and licked at Delaney's tongue like it was another little cock, tasting himself in the dominant taste of Delaney.

Once the taste was gone, Delaney ended the kiss and stood back up, leaving Vynn on the floor. He turned toward the door then put his back against it, looking at Vynn with hooded eyes. "I'm leaving," he announced. "If you think you can find better than me, you're free to go. If not, you're free to follow me."

Vynn stayed where he was and looked back at Delaney, his expression only a little wary, if anything. "What'll I be following you into?" he asked quietly.

Delaney's smile lit his face slowly and dangerously. He already had him hooked, he knew. "That doesn't matter. The important thing is, you'll be mine."

Vynn couldn't think of how anything could get better than Delaney's dick. He put a hand to his face and felt the rising heat of a bruise and he knew. He'd been marked and owned already. "You own me already. Like a dog." He got up and moved over to Delaney. "I'll follow you wherever you go."

Delaney only smirked and put a possessive arm around Vynn's shoulders as he scooped up his other things and they walked out.

The End.