Archipelago De Advent;

"I'll keep on singing that song, till my lungs give out.

Filling up with the pride of a thousand tides, it'll be a wash out.

Spending all my time, with those who are oblivious;

They have no idea that your running through my mind,

barefoot and taking your tender time.

If I speak in tongues unleaded;

Will you wait for me?

Whisper little utterances that they don't understand.

Will you come to me?

This is the final tune, and it's a melody.

I trace your singing lips with my eyes, and your smile isn't seen.

Oh god please let me confuse you less;

Honestly I don't think I can handle much more of this.

I'll keep on, singing your song;

Till my lungs give out, I'll utter I'm your guardian with every breath.

Please lover, take from me; What I have to give, everything that's left."