Just For Me This is not a song For the people on the cable This is not a song For the willing and the able This is not a song For you This is a song for me I am writing this to inform you Of my own relevance In what I do And nothing could be more misleading than to phrase me as you No longer validated By an audience that doesn't exist No longer complicated By a gaggle of hers and hims No longer masturbating To the thought of doing this 'Cos I'm doing it right now And right now I'm so excited And and and right now about my indifference so ill-requited And I think I might piss my pants And I think I might like it And I feel so Violated And I think I'd like to take it a little further than I have before And I want it more I want it now And I want it just how I want it But I want more I want some how To think I tripped on it As if I never sought it It hunted me down like a tiger in a zoo But I don't have that option But I can't complain About what I never asked for That's why I choose to complain to you We should both get out of this act We could really be real I can really remember what it's like to feel You could temper your temper long enough to heal We could be a class act If we started to act on the act instead of acting the scene And I could take control of this right now But I'll do it when I'm more sober Or maybe less