Dust coats the lungs of the weak and abused

Don't try to tell me this isn't you

The people choke on the ashes of the fuse

And The Bomb's about to show you what's new

The revolution won't be in the news

Dirt fills every orifice of the domesticated race

Don't think you've left your cage

A lack of standards keeps the pace

But it's time to turn the page

We've got ourselves a war to wage

We refuse to further suffer for the greed of another

We refuse to kill each other through the murder of our mother

We refuse to depend on what we've yet to discover

And we refuse to continue to submit to the usher

The apocalypse is nigh, but it's not an option

If we don't start the fight, we can die with our caution

and our hands at our sides

We can not afford to bring our selves to exhaustion

If we're going to keep coughing up their toxic concoction

We should spit it in their eyes

This debris doesn't stop me

It just slows me down

The doctor's gotten costly

And I blame it on the crown

A royal family soon to drown