I Feel

I feel this need...

This unbearable need.

I feel a need to fit in,

and to be

who they want me to be.

I feel this need to change.

To be anyone,

Anyone except who I am

But why? Why must it be this way?

Why must it be

that I must be this man-

this man I hate-

in order to meet their expectations?

To be who they want me to be.

My so-called friends,

They like me only so long as I conform to them

But what if I don't like it?

What if I want to be


This illusion is what they see,

a broken heart that appears fixed.

But then I find a place...

A place where I can be

the me I want to be.

Not this self-imposed illusion.

And I feel a need...

To show my true colors.

To show that I am my own man.

And I realize,

It is not me who needs to change.

I just need to be