"Cole, the minister's here. I think everybody's ready."

Cole turned as Michael came into the room; his younger brother-to-be grinned at him and said

"You nervous?"

"Does it show?"

Michael grinned again and headed from the room, leaving Cole looking at his appearance again. His white collared shirt and black pants didn't look good enough to be married in, but it would have to do. He finally sighed and prayed that Samantha would still want to marry him when she saw him. He walked from the room into the crowded living room, where it seemed everyone in town had gathered. He smiled at a few people, waved at a few more. He smiled at Seth who came to stand beside him. The two exchanged words, but they grew silent when Samantha and her father started down the stairs. Cole, unable to take his eyes off of her, forgot to breathe; it scarcely mattered though. When Samantha came to a stop beside him, Cole swallowed hard and said

"You look…perfect."

"I love you, Cole."

Cole, barely holding back his kiss, said

"I love you too, Samantha."

"You better be saying that when we're 70."

Cole grinned a little as Seth said

"You two bickering…just like old times."

As Samantha laughed, Cole realized his life had come full circle. He had lost his brother and had missed most of his life because of it. He had been afraid to let anyone else in, but somehow this beautiful woman in front of him had managed to steal his heart. He closed his eyes and wondered how he had gotten so lucky; even if he was settling in with the most stubborn woman. She would just have to try and keep up with him.