The years flash past, oh sands in the hour glass,

Or wild fires and lightening beneath planes.

With the earth warm beneath my belly,

The birds sighing alongside reeds in the marsh.

Forever spinning, the grass beneath our feet;

It'd continue on if you never reached for me.

Fingers long, notes so deft come singing-

Sighing crying from beneath your hands.

And I a world away, with heartbeats long, sighing

Waiting wanting fearing; knowing time is only temporary.

The moon it plays along the lake, reflecting shadows

Dreams and ancient poetry- all unwritten and undreamed

If you had never reached for me.

Summers sun and autumn breeze meet and mingle,

The scent of loves lost and found wafting off our hallowed ground.

The marsh birds stalking stately through the city streets,

Future smiling in the space between our breaths, and oh

Whats mine and yours all laughing in the yard and it's

Just a dream, but remember time is only temporary,

As the hand that reaches, waiting.