A Short Conversation In The Car

A guy drops his girlfriend at her house

Girl: Thanks for the ride. (hug her boyfriend)

Guy: Well, so how's my driving today? Is it fine? (give her a stare, eyes narrowed)

Girl: Umm...(finger on her lip) It's getting better everyday. (smile)

Guy: I think I still do have rooms for improvement. (playing his finger around his chin) I will have to improve for your sake.

Girl: For me, aww, that's sweet. (hold her hands over her heart dreamily)

Guy: Well, I haven't finish my sentence; it's just under one circumstances. (surges toward the girl and whisper) You'll give me a kiss.

(silence) (girl kisses the guy on his cheek without giving him a warning)

Guy: Wow, that's quite a fiery peck. I've a bad feeling about this.

Girl: What is it? (giving him a blank look)

Guy:(look away from the girl) I'll love you forever.

(girl blushes)