i've gotta find some words
to write to you,
figure out how i
feel about this,
how i feel about
you now.

it's clear that this wasn't
what i thought i was gunna be.
it's not the
cute smiles
and hand holding
down the hall ways.

you've gotten too busy
to deal with my problems.
so i guess that
now i just
have to find someone
with the time.

i would drop the world to help a friend,
but apparently,
you wouldn't.
and, you know what,
that's okay. just
because i'm like that,
doesn't mean you need to be like that.

but if you wanted this to work,
then you should have dropped everything
made time for me
hugged me a few more times.

i guess all those words,
were just words.

i guess i really don't mean that much to you
after all.